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Things I love right now:

♥ Psych. OMG, so much. So, so, so much. It was one of those shows I was always meaning to watch but never caught, so I'm catching up slowly (I saw the last few eps of this past season) from the beginning. Relatedly, I love Netflix streaming video.

♥ Green foods. Oh my goodness. Remember Larry's obsession with white food on Numb3rs? Yeah. I've been like that with leafy green things. I've been eating kale by the ginormous bagful. With garlic and salt and olive oil. OMG, yum.

♥ Writing fic. OMG, so in love with fic writing right now. I'm 2000 words into my [ profile] crowley_bigbang. It's an HP crossover and I'm super super excited about it. I have to rewatch Garage Days before I can start on my [ profile] spn_cinema fic, which will be a total hardship because it's not like that's one of my favorite movies of all time or something. /sarcasm. And I also have to watch a few choice episodes of Numb3rs before starting my [ profile] numb3rs_novella fic.

♥ Justified. Just utterly and completely head over heels in love with this show, and every character on it.

♥ Being Human. Both the US and UK versions. I love all the similarities, and the differences, and both casts are so wonderful. I love it that each version has different strengths, and they totally play to those strengths.

OK, book meme that's going around:

The book I am currently reading: I never read one book at a time. Still working my way through Crazy Sexy Diet. Also reading: Clean Food by Terry Walters, Djibouti by Elmore Leonard, Red Riding Hood (the novelization of the film) and Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. Also reading Pippi Longstocking aloud to the little girl.

The book I am currently writing: It's about werewolves. And a girl. And her brothers.

The book I love to read the most: The Great Gatsby. Not even a contest. (I'm actually wearing an F. Scott Fitzgerald shirt right now.)

The last book I received as a Gift: Red Riding Hood

The last book I gave as a gift: The Vladimir Tod books 1-4 boxed set (by Heather Brewer), given to eldest hellmonkey for her birthday. ETA: I take that back! It was actually When I Grow Up by Al Yankovic, given to youngest hellmonkey for his birthday last month.

The nearest book to me: I'm right next to a bookshelf with about 150 books on it. So to pick one at not-so-random, we'll say The Hot Kid by Elmore Leonard.

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* Oh, where has February gone? I had things to do this month and now it's almost over.

* I've been signing up for things. The lovely [ profile] zagzagael talked me into signing up for [ profile] spn_cinema, which looks like tons of fun, and I was so excited to see [ profile] numb3rs_novella open for sign ups because I have a long Colby fic in my head that was just dying to write, but I needed the motivation. I know, I know! I'm signing up for non-HP fests by the bucketful lately. I don't know what gives. I must be feeling brave.

* So I gave White Collar another chance tonight and um, have some rather strong thoughts. (Not entirely positive, so, fair warning.) Spoilers behind the cut )

* Anyway, I'm furiously writing to finish a fest fic for which I've been given a gracious extension, and then I'm going to start my [ profile] crowley_bigbang.

* I, erm, may also have started another fic for another fandom that will probably never see the light of day. But it's one of those things I need to get out of my system.

* Okay, I need to go devote my waning brain power to writing, but I have a post about the state of my health brewing that may pop up in the next few days. (Let's pretend that sentence is remotely grammatically correct, mmkay?)

* I'm DYING for the older girl to get back to town so we can go see Paul. I'm going to beg off the other children on the boyfriend's parents to take her.

* Now that I've been all talky talky talky, how are YOU, flist?

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* After three days of wondering why I was too tired to keep my eyes open, I realized that the problem was physically with my eyes. As in, that's where my head cold has decided to reside. Which also explains why they water like crazy every time I try to lie down. Good to know that it's a regular bug and not some freaky incubus issue.

* I would like to knit a hat. Soon. I have discovered on my way to the library that the hat-with-earflaps that I have now is just not warm enough.

* Both my [ profile] wizard_love and [ profile] hpvalensmut fics are finished! I'm disappointed with the former. My original vision for it was much grander, but time unfortunately conspired against me. I'm happy with what I turned in, but would have been thrilled if I'd managed to pull off what I had hoped for. Oh well. Someday I'll learn to plan more reasonably. I'm more than a little bit in love with my [ profile] hpvalensmut submission and have been since I typed the very first words. The whole prompt was just so my thing that I was dancing with joy over it from the beginning.

* Next up is my [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest. Admittedly, I haven't even opened this file in a long time. I sort of put it on the back burner to get the other two fest fics finished. I'm still so excited about it, though, and I can't wait to get it out now that I can give it my full attention.

* Still hashing out plot bunnies in my brain for my [ profile] crowley_bigbang fic. I need to have a solid plot in my head before I start tackling a 15k fic.

* All that said, I'm really, really itching to write some Numb3rs fic. I have an idea for a sort of lengthy story, but I'm kind of dying to write something shorter, that I can post fairly soon. Obviously Colby-centric is my comfort zone, but I'm willing to branch out. Any Numb3rs types on my flist have a request?

* I've been working a bit on some original stuff as well. A very, very little bit, but it's something.

* S1 of Justified arrived today. How I manage to forget how hot Timothy Olyphant is when I'm not watching that show is beyond me. I was only able to catch episodes sporadically during the season, so I'm looking forward to catching up fully before S2 starts.

* Almost done with the first Sookie book. I hope to have it finished by the end of the week. Will post thoughts then.

* Picked up Isis by Douglas Clegg at the library today. The cover intrigued me and it doesn't look like it will take me very long. Anyone read it?

Some Stuff

Jan. 26th, 2011 09:38 am
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* I'm enjoying the varied opinions that cropped up on my last post about the Sookie Stackhouse books/True Blood the show. Almost done with book 1. I'll post my complete opinions when I'm finished.

* FINALLY finished Sunshine, by Robin McKinley. Oh, goodness, I loved this book, even though it probably could have been heavily edited for wordiness. How is there no tv series in this universe? There is so much there to explore!

* Since we're on the topic of vampires, new Vampire Diaries tomorrow night. Yay! Eldest hellmonkey and I have been looking forward to that very much. Oh, Ian Somerhalder, I've missed you. <3

* I think I may have spoken too soon re: White Collar. After last night, I'm not sure I can stomach another episode. The writers have so much to work with and... just ugh. They're killing it. And not in the good way. *sigh* /non-spoiler

* Wow, I've been watching a lot of tv lately. More than I have in years. I'm feeling the need to pare down a bit. Although, the other night boyfriend and I stayed up late for a TJ Hooker marathon and OMG was that fun. I'd forgotten how satisfying it is to hear Shatner deliver lines like, "You're. Going. To JAIL, gun dealer!" Also? Possibly the best opening credits sequence of all time.

* As soon as I tick off one of my current reads (Bourdain's Medium Raw, Crazy Sexy Diet, and Sookie book 1), I'm going to start on the novelization of Red Riding Hood. I'm not going to get to see it in the theatre, so I'd like to at least read the book while I'm waiting for the DVD.

* Still looking for red riding hood art for the walls. Every time I log onto Etsy I get overwhelmed by how much fabulous stuff is out there and can't make up my mind. I'd also like to find some good Baba Yaga art while I'm at it.

* Black Swan is another one I'm going to have to wait for. I'm so enjoying reading the various opinions of it on my flist, though.

* Started reading the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod books with eldest hellmonkey. Very fun and funny books so far. Hellmonkeys were huge fans of the Wimpy Kids books, and these hit that same irreverent tone.

* Not writing original at the moment, but it's all ruminating in my head, and I get the feeling I'll be putting it down in type soon.

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* Really, there is. It is absurdly cold.

* Feeling rather detached from fandom lately. Maybe it's this head cold that's filled my brainspace with cotton for the past few days.

* New White Collar tomorrow night. I'm starting to fear that this show is at risk for thinking it's more clever than it is. The cast is fantastic, with great chemistry, but I'm not sure the writing holds up to the show's opinion of itself. I have many more thoughts about it, but I know this is a wildly unpopular opinion, so I'll keep them to myself unless asked. I'm certainly not going to stop watching (Matt Bomer is far too pretty for that), but I think I'll adjust my expectations a bit. I need to stop expecting Sports Night or Bayliss/Pembleton banter on shows like this.

* On the other hand, we're very much enjoying Being Human US. I hadn't planned on watching, but checked it out in a moment of curiosity and I love it a lot so far.

* I'm listening to the new Iron & Wine album right now and literally have goosebumps. (Not from the cold, either.)

* Reading "Crazy Sexy Diet" in preparation to clean up my act a bit and start eating vegetarian again. I'm willing to bet that 99% of my health problems are diet related (hello hypoglycemia, migraines, etc). It's full of solid advice, but I find all of the life-coach-esque bullshit to be really grating. Then again, I guess that if I'd single-handedly wrestled cancer under control, I'd probably be pretty peppy about it too.

* Also decided to buckle down and commit to reading the rest of Dead Until Dark instead of just letting it lay to waste on the end table. I haven't decided what I think of Harris overall, but I enjoy her humor. I do wish I didn't hear tv!Bill in my head saying "Suckeh!" every time he addresses Sookie, though. Also, I keep drifting off a bit every time Sam or Eric is mentioned due to the hotness of their tv counterparts.

* I've been writing almost exclusively for exchange fics lately, and I'm feeling ready to tackle something else. I just have to decide what that will be. Hmmmm.

* All right, I should tie this up here. I have tea and a stack of books competing with a nice warm bed for my attention. Off to see who will win. <3 flist.

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* The Target near me is carrying Tim Tams again. Happy, happy day!

* Making progress on my [ profile] celebrate_sshg. Luckily there are a few darling people I can always count on to do a last minute beta job for me, so I'm not worried about finishing too close to the deadline (I'm looking at you [ profile] ellensmithee and [ profile] thistle_verse). It's still possibly the fluffiest fluff I've ever fluffed. Very weird.

* I'm brainstorming for the prompt I chose for [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest. I've only ever written one next gen story before (Teddy/Percy, a few years ago). But OMG, this prompt. So good. I saw it and thought, "How has that never occurred to me?" and jumped on it.

* I haven't started watching White Collar yet, but I will soon. Tonight is reserved for Sons of Anarchy, though. I need a Gemma icon.

* I also need to catch up with a few season 1 episodes of Numb3rs to join in the rewatch discussions. I haven't forgotten, I just haven't had the available screen time.
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* Sunday morning is my favorite time of the week.

* I have delicious smelling things simmering on the stove, and twinkle lights up all over the house, and today we'll string popcorn and make applesauce.

* I am dying for snow. Everything is covered with crisp white frost this morning. But the sun is shining and the clouds are very far off to the east, so I don't think it's going to happen.

* So I broke down and ordered s1 of White Collar. I really liked the few eps that I caught, but I'm terrible at remembering when things are on. That reminds me, I also have to catch up on Burn Notice this season.

* Finally got going on my fic for [ profile] celebrate_sshg last night. I've had that pre-formed idea forever, but now it's taking shape. I like it so far.

* Have I mentioned lately how much I'm loving the February fest fics I'm writing right now? OMG. I keep getting assigned giftees who have the best possible prompt ideas.

* Hope your weekend has been lovely, flist.

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* I have to wait extra long for the coffee this morning. I got it all set up, hit the button and, um, forgot to put the water in the tank. Clearly I'm not awake enough to take care of my basic necessities.

* There's been a fluish cold thing going through the house and I think I have it now. I woke up all stuffy and groggy. It'll be good to walk down to the library later and clear out my head a bit.

* Loved SPN last night. Oh, Crowley. <3

* My writing dervish has slowed down a bit. [ profile] chillit, I'm still tossing your prompt around in my brainspace and trying to come up with something astoundingly clever. (Because that will totally happen.) But I feel like I'm making steady progress on everything else, so that's good.

* Not much else is new except that is feels like this is going to be the slowest week ever. I wish the 19th would just GET here already! (Although realistically, we probably won't be going until the 20th or 21st). The hellmonkeys watched the live streaming of the London premiere the other day. Emma's haircut is so darling on her.

* Just pulled out a bead project from a couple of years back when I worked at the bead shop. It's a seed bead ornament and it shouldn't take me long to finish. I put it away that November that I was pregnant and never got it out again.

* [ profile] thistle_verse and [ profile] zagzagael, I think I'm going to be asking you guys for insight on something I'm working on. Because the whole tone of it is so much more your thing than mine. I think you two can tell me where I'm going wrong.

* Ok, I'm done boring y'all now. Have a great weekend, flist!

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Writing stuff

* I started another Colby/David. I love them. Oh, so much. Am in need of appropriate icon. I'm rewatching Numb3rs from the beginning now that I have all the seasons on dvd.

* I've also been working on my fic for the [ profile] celebrate_sshg comm. That one is going to be in some heavy need of concrit, I think. I'm not entirely sure that my idea is workable. I'm too enamored with the idea to let it drop just yet, though. Also, what a lovely response to the vampire fic. Thanks so much to everyone who read. I've become quite taken with the idea of vampire!Snape over the past few years. It's a nice little canon bypass, isn't it?

* I got my assignment for [ profile] hpvalensmut and OMG. OMG I'm in love with it already. And the prompts totally work with the kind of writing that comes easily to me, so I don't think it'll be a struggle at all. In fact, I've already written a nice little chunk of it.

Other stuff

* Fringe tonight. Yay!

* I missed Sons of Anarchy on Tuesday because of a horrible migraine that just wiped me right out. I need to catch up now. Can I just say how much I love the way "Charming" sounds when it rolls off the tongues of the Irish folks?

* [ profile] thenotoriousso4, it has been decided that Luna has a pet llama named Lluna. For L'Elle to ride, of course.

* I forgot to buy eggs at the grocery store the other day. This is making many things difficult.

* This just in: I like colored chalk.


Nov. 7th, 2010 07:12 am
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* Daylight savings time really means nothing when you have a toddler. They don't adjust.

* The sun is finally coming out today. That means we can surface from our batcave.

* [ profile] mollyssister, I'm working on your prompt, but they're not shutting up long enough for me to get to the smut yet! (Er, and I'm talking about the characters, not my kids. *g*)

* So I'm still not writing on my official Nano, but I'm hitting my word count daily on fanfic, so I'm not disappointed.

* Can NOT stop reading Remus/Sirius lately. I don't know what it is, but every time I see a rec from that ship, I have to click it. And it's always good.

* I am all about abusing italics today.

* I've been signing up for fests lately. I'm really excited for that because I'm in the head space for it lately.

* Not reading as much as I'd like to be, but when I'm not sitting in front of the keyboard lately, I find myself a little scatterbrained. Fresh air and sunshine today will probably do me good.

* Why yes, this post is a fabricated excuse to use my Dante/Lulu icon. ♥ I have not loved a GH couple this much since Ned and Lois. (Ironic, since their kid grew up to try to break Dante and Lulu up.) Anyway Dante/Lulu = ♥ ♥ ♥

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* Writing like crazy lately. Tucking words into every spare second. It's wonderful, I just hope I don't burn myself out before nano begins. I know what I'm writing for nanowrimo, and I have four years worth of notes to draw from, so I'm excited.

* Wow, what lovely people there are in Numb3rs fandom. I'm glad of it, because it's kind of consuming me at the moment and I'd like more excuses to write, write, write for that fandom. I'm anxiously waiting on my s6 to arrive in the meantime.

* I've started two Supernatural pieces. Both short, and at least one will be done in the next day or two.

* Also, I was inspired earlier with an idea for something to write for [ profile] celebrate_sshg and I'm really, really excited about it. It's a retelling of a fairy tell, and rather AU, and I hope I can pull it together enough before November begins that I won't lose my momentum in the midst of nano.

* I think it's a very neat thing, HP fandom having all these "anniversary parties" this year. 10 years. I first started reading 7 and a half years ago, while pregnant with the hellmonkey formerly known as Newbaby. I camped out in the basement where it was cool (because that spring and summer were oh so warm), and sat at the computer and read and read and read. Then I took OotP on a camping trip, came home, and wrote day and night. I made some of my best friends in the world in HP fandom.

* So I'm enjoying the solitude of my first year in a new city, with no nearby friends to speak of yet. I know that by next year at this time I'll probably be ferrying the hellmonkeys around nonstop, and volunteering for more activities than I should have anything to do with, but for now, the downtime is heavenly.
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I'm writing something in a voice that I usually find very unsettling. Second person. I don't know if it's something I'll post. It's Numb3rs fic, and I usually say that I don't really write tv fandoms because the canon changes on a weekly basis, but since the series is over... I dunno. Maybe it'll show up here in the next few days.

Maybe it'll give me the courage to tackle Supernatural fic like I keep promising [ profile] zagzagael I will.

Speaking of tv fandoms, does anyone know where I could find some good stories to read? I'm specifically thinking Numb3rs, Sons of Anarchy and Fringe.

I got my prompt for [ profile] hp_halloween and I adore it. I'm actually sad that I have to keep it to 200 words.


Oct. 19th, 2010 08:15 am
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* Still here.

* Waiting on a new power cord for my laptop and discovering that I can't type on a regular keyboard anymore. I'm all clumsy-like.

* Love, love, love the new apartment. LOVE. And the library is walking distance. (Which is good, because I no longer have a vehicle.)

* Writing lots and lots. I've signed up for a couple of fests and such. For the first time in like 3 years. Also, planning on doing Nanowrimo next month. If I can settle on what I want to write. I managed 60k+ in June, so I'm thinking it's doable if I can pick a story to work on.

* Watching Sons of Anarchy, Fringe, Mad Men (though I've fallen behind a few eps), Supernatural ♥, and, on dvd, Numb3rs. Which has become more of an obsession than I should admit. I'm trying to exercise control and not go searching out the fandom. We'll see how long that lasts. I just finished S4, and S5 is on its way. So much love for Colby/David.

* Reading "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society", "Sunshine" (yes, STILL. I'm putting off the ending because I love it so much), "American Gods", and I've started the Sookie Stackhouse books, hoping they'll warm me up to True Blood (which I tried, but couldn't get into). Eldest hellmonkey is very into Percy Jackson at the moment (thanks, [ profile] thistle_verse!), Medium hellmonkey is reading the Wimpy Kid books, Harry Potter and Farmer Boy (which he has described as "Just like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but in olden times!"), all at once. So my kid. Little hellmonkeys are still little.

*Alas, my giant coffee cup is empty, so it's time for me to vacate the big computer. How are you, flist?
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So, yesterday I was at the library, trying to look thoroughly absorbed in the movie section as some creepy guy tried to pick me up. ("Are you sure you're married? And there are no problems in your marriage? You're not wearing a ring. I was married 16 years. No marriages last these days. You are sooooo good looking. You look young enough to be in high school." Um, yeah, because that last ditch attempt to make yourself sound like a pedo is totally going to win me over.) Anyway, they had OotP, and because so many of you tried to reassure me over and over that I'd like it, I took it out.

And here's the part where I look up sheepishly and say yes, yes I really did like it. So, [ profile] wendynat, [ profile] zagzagael, [ profile] thistle_verse, and everyone else, I whole-heartedly admit you were right.

Read more... )

Also, I've been writing. A lot. And I'm very excited about it. This is new to me again. The last year has been anything but productive in terms of writing for me, and I finally feel like I can climb back on that horse.

I'm just trying to remind myself that I don't need more fandoms as the eldest hellmonkey has recently become interested in Death Note and Bleach and wow, I can see how those would be addictive.

And now I'm off to help the hellmonkeys navigate Runescape for a bit.


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