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* OMG, sooooo tired today. In desperate need of a nap. Unfortunately, I'm lacking the time to nap right now.

* Had a very... graphic dream about Eddie Izzard the other night. I blame [ profile] zagzagael. Last night I dreamt about living on the bayou and it took an incredibly strange turn shortly before I woke up.

* Been writing. On the next chapter of TLotS and on my [ profile] percy_ficathon fic and on a few original things. I might not churn out prose as quickly as I used to, but I'm much happier with the final results.

* Been reading as well. I have a stack of books from the library a mile high waiting for me and another stack from [ profile] thistle_verse's personal stash, but right now I've cracked open both "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen (on [ profile] butter_cup_'s most excellent recommendation), and "Love in the Time of Cholera" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, which I've never read.

* With the hellmonkeys, I've been reading "Inkheart" aloud and loving it to death. Paul Bettany is perfectly cast in the upcoming film, IMO. We're still reading "Mariel of Redwall" little by little (it's a bit dense, and we're having fun tackling it slowly), and we've also started "The Birchbark House" by Louise Eldrich and "The Magician's Nephew" aloud recently. It's not our first attempt to read a Narnia book, but we're hoping it ends up being more successful than HP was around here. (I'm the only fan in the house.) Eldest hellmonkey is starting in on "Pippi Longstocking" on her own. She's listened to it on tape a couple of times and we saw a stage adaptation in January. We've also started reading Death Note graphic novels together.

* The Boyfriend got out of a warm bed to go get me Taco Bell at 1 am this morning. It made me giddy enough that I thought it needed to be mentioned.

* The house is relatively clean.

* Tomorrow I go to see [ profile] thistle_verse and I cannot wait!
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Hi there!

I'm still here. Let's see... what's new?

Still writing away on chapter 2 of Lives of the Saints. Last weekend, the far-too-early death of a friend's husband sort of threw me headlong into real life, so I'm just crawling back into the fanfic mindset now.

I just finished a Guinness. Yum. And now I'm having tea because it's FREEZING here. I'm wearing three layers and sitting here shivering.

I want to write tonight, but first I must clean the downstairs. I have trouble writing when surrounded by mess.

I have a new bumpersticker on the new car. Courtesy of The Boyfriend. Ithaca Is Gorges. (I swear to god, no matter how many times I read that one, it NEVER gets old to me.) For those of you who remember a certain Christmas-themed fic I wrote 4 years ago, you might know why that bumpersticker makes me so happy. Now I need a few hippy dippy ones and it will really start feeling like my car.

I'm kind of digging New Amsterdam, and I'm having all sorts of fangirly squealiness over seeing Nikolaj Coster-Waldau getting his own show. Because he's so lovely. And very talented.

Also? Am a wee bit in love with Michael Johns on AI this year. And Jason Castro. I might need some AI icons.

Okay, cleaning, then fanfiction. That's the plan tonight. *nods*

Also, I signed up for the Percy ficathon. Because Percy = <333

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