Jan. 26th, 2011

Some Stuff

Jan. 26th, 2011 09:38 am
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* I'm enjoying the varied opinions that cropped up on my last post about the Sookie Stackhouse books/True Blood the show. Almost done with book 1. I'll post my complete opinions when I'm finished.

* FINALLY finished Sunshine, by Robin McKinley. Oh, goodness, I loved this book, even though it probably could have been heavily edited for wordiness. How is there no tv series in this universe? There is so much there to explore!

* Since we're on the topic of vampires, new Vampire Diaries tomorrow night. Yay! Eldest hellmonkey and I have been looking forward to that very much. Oh, Ian Somerhalder, I've missed you. <3

* I think I may have spoken too soon re: White Collar. After last night, I'm not sure I can stomach another episode. The writers have so much to work with and... just ugh. They're killing it. And not in the good way. *sigh* /non-spoiler

* Wow, I've been watching a lot of tv lately. More than I have in years. I'm feeling the need to pare down a bit. Although, the other night boyfriend and I stayed up late for a TJ Hooker marathon and OMG was that fun. I'd forgotten how satisfying it is to hear Shatner deliver lines like, "You're. Going. To JAIL, gun dealer!" Also? Possibly the best opening credits sequence of all time.

* As soon as I tick off one of my current reads (Bourdain's Medium Raw, Crazy Sexy Diet, and Sookie book 1), I'm going to start on the novelization of Red Riding Hood. I'm not going to get to see it in the theatre, so I'd like to at least read the book while I'm waiting for the DVD.

* Still looking for red riding hood art for the walls. Every time I log onto Etsy I get overwhelmed by how much fabulous stuff is out there and can't make up my mind. I'd also like to find some good Baba Yaga art while I'm at it.

* Black Swan is another one I'm going to have to wait for. I'm so enjoying reading the various opinions of it on my flist, though.

* Started reading the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod books with eldest hellmonkey. Very fun and funny books so far. Hellmonkeys were huge fans of the Wimpy Kids books, and these hit that same irreverent tone.

* Not writing original at the moment, but it's all ruminating in my head, and I get the feeling I'll be putting it down in type soon.


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