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* Sunday morning is my favorite time of the week.

* I have delicious smelling things simmering on the stove, and twinkle lights up all over the house, and today we'll string popcorn and make applesauce.

* I am dying for snow. Everything is covered with crisp white frost this morning. But the sun is shining and the clouds are very far off to the east, so I don't think it's going to happen.

* So I broke down and ordered s1 of White Collar. I really liked the few eps that I caught, but I'm terrible at remembering when things are on. That reminds me, I also have to catch up on Burn Notice this season.

* Finally got going on my fic for [ profile] celebrate_sshg last night. I've had that pre-formed idea forever, but now it's taking shape. I like it so far.

* Have I mentioned lately how much I'm loving the February fest fics I'm writing right now? OMG. I keep getting assigned giftees who have the best possible prompt ideas.

* Hope your weekend has been lovely, flist.

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* I hope everyone who celebrates it had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday. It's never been my particularly favorite holiday, but yesterday's was the nicest one we've had in years. Even the dishes were finished in a timely fashion (I only have one crockpot left to wash).

* No snow. But I would like some. Oh, yes. It's cold enough for sure.

* Today is going to be spent writing and making cocoa. Later we'll put up the tree and watch Christmas Vacation and Elf. I'm in a very holiday mood this year.

* [ profile] thistle_verse, I have a beer rec for you. Sam Adams' Blackberry Witbier. OMG, yum.

* I got my [ profile] wizard_love excitement and I immediately got an idea for it that might have me kicking myself in a month and a half when I realize I've bitten off more than I can chew.

* Less than 2 weeks till [ profile] celebrate_sshg is due. Definitely going with the additional chapter for Lonely Christmas. Now I just need to write it. I'm hoping to make it strong enough to stand alone so that no one feels like they have to go back and read the old chapters.

* Doing the Buy Nothing day thing again this year. My social anxiety disorder and hatred of shopping probably have more to do with it than strong moral convictions, but eh. Tomorrow I'll spend most of the day shopping on Etsy.

* Odd bit of trivia about me: I took 4 years of piano lessons as a kid, and the only thing I retained is Good King Wenceslas. I am the definition of musical fail.


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