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Jul. 21st, 2008 01:28 pm
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Gah, I'm so excited! The reveals for the [ profile] percy_ficathon are up, so I can own up to what I wrote. I had so much fun writing this piece, and despite the fact that I'd never even considered the pairing before, I'm completely happy with the way it turned out. It's one of those few things I've written that I can look back on and feel complete satisfaction, even if I'd love to flesh out a few bits some more. ♥ Percy ♥

Title: Complicated
Pairing: Percy/Teddy, with mentions of backstory pairings. Oh, yes, and Charlie's in it too. Surprise. ;-)
Rating: light R
Word Count: about 8,000
Warnings: Um, should I warn for an OMC?
Disclaimer: I own nothing you recognize. Making no money.
Summary: The truth, underneath the shimmering, twisted veneer that Percy Weasley had laid upon it, was a dirty little thing. A wrong thing.
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] ellensmithee and [ profile] thistle_verse for the betas! And also, thanks to [ profile] thenotoriousso4 for the Teddy inspiration! This was written for [ profile] lesyeuxverts for the [ profile] percy_ficathon.

Complicated )
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Hi there!

I'm still here. Let's see... what's new?

Still writing away on chapter 2 of Lives of the Saints. Last weekend, the far-too-early death of a friend's husband sort of threw me headlong into real life, so I'm just crawling back into the fanfic mindset now.

I just finished a Guinness. Yum. And now I'm having tea because it's FREEZING here. I'm wearing three layers and sitting here shivering.

I want to write tonight, but first I must clean the downstairs. I have trouble writing when surrounded by mess.

I have a new bumpersticker on the new car. Courtesy of The Boyfriend. Ithaca Is Gorges. (I swear to god, no matter how many times I read that one, it NEVER gets old to me.) For those of you who remember a certain Christmas-themed fic I wrote 4 years ago, you might know why that bumpersticker makes me so happy. Now I need a few hippy dippy ones and it will really start feeling like my car.

I'm kind of digging New Amsterdam, and I'm having all sorts of fangirly squealiness over seeing Nikolaj Coster-Waldau getting his own show. Because he's so lovely. And very talented.

Also? Am a wee bit in love with Michael Johns on AI this year. And Jason Castro. I might need some AI icons.

Okay, cleaning, then fanfiction. That's the plan tonight. *nods*

Also, I signed up for the Percy ficathon. Because Percy = <333

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