Jan. 24th, 2011

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* Really, there is. It is absurdly cold.

* Feeling rather detached from fandom lately. Maybe it's this head cold that's filled my brainspace with cotton for the past few days.

* New White Collar tomorrow night. I'm starting to fear that this show is at risk for thinking it's more clever than it is. The cast is fantastic, with great chemistry, but I'm not sure the writing holds up to the show's opinion of itself. I have many more thoughts about it, but I know this is a wildly unpopular opinion, so I'll keep them to myself unless asked. I'm certainly not going to stop watching (Matt Bomer is far too pretty for that), but I think I'll adjust my expectations a bit. I need to stop expecting Sports Night or Bayliss/Pembleton banter on shows like this.

* On the other hand, we're very much enjoying Being Human US. I hadn't planned on watching, but checked it out in a moment of curiosity and I love it a lot so far.

* I'm listening to the new Iron & Wine album right now and literally have goosebumps. (Not from the cold, either.)

* Reading "Crazy Sexy Diet" in preparation to clean up my act a bit and start eating vegetarian again. I'm willing to bet that 99% of my health problems are diet related (hello hypoglycemia, migraines, etc). It's full of solid advice, but I find all of the life-coach-esque bullshit to be really grating. Then again, I guess that if I'd single-handedly wrestled cancer under control, I'd probably be pretty peppy about it too.

* Also decided to buckle down and commit to reading the rest of Dead Until Dark instead of just letting it lay to waste on the end table. I haven't decided what I think of Harris overall, but I enjoy her humor. I do wish I didn't hear tv!Bill in my head saying "Suckeh!" every time he addresses Sookie, though. Also, I keep drifting off a bit every time Sam or Eric is mentioned due to the hotness of their tv counterparts.

* I've been writing almost exclusively for exchange fics lately, and I'm feeling ready to tackle something else. I just have to decide what that will be. Hmmmm.

* All right, I should tie this up here. I have tea and a stack of books competing with a nice warm bed for my attention. Off to see who will win. <3 flist.


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