May. 19th, 2011

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* How is it not Friday yet? I just don't know.

* I think we had about 30 seconds of sun this morning. You guys know the Bradbury story "All Summer in a Day"? Yeah, that's what it's like here lately. Ooh, ooh, and just as I typed that, the sun peeked out again. And went away just as quickly.

* Now that Numb3rs is streaming on Netflix, I'm feeling a lot less productive. Also, I've been weirdly discovering that several RL friends were huge fans of Numb3rs when it was on. I had no idea.

* We're renewing our lease, so I need ideas for wall art, guys. (I waited out the year without it just in case.) I wanted to go with fairy tale stuff, specifically red riding hood, but then the movie came out and it got all popular and I have this thing where I kind of run screaming from trendy stuff like that, so I'm thinking something else maybe. I've been looking on etsy a lot. Suggestions, ideas? I have a huge, blank white wall up above my couch that is the first thing you see when you walk into the apartment. I need a theme.

* While I'm on the topic of my creativity rut, I've sucked at making dinner interesting lately. Flist, do you have any ideas (vegetarian ideas are ALWAYS welcome) for meals that are creative and summery? (Haha. I almost typed "summary".)

* Kristen Wiig is doing the voice of Lola Bunny in the new Looney Tunes. Heh.

* Pirates tomorrow! OMG, I want so badly to find time to see it this weekend. Captain Barbossa, I have missed you so. And also Jack, of course. (Even with the lack of Norrington, I still can't wait.)

* Oooh, I see blue sky out the southern windows. Time to log off and go chase it.

* <3, Flist.


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