May. 13th, 2011

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* So, first of all, I made this for dinner tonight, because it's my throw-together comfort meal and, like, the most delicious thing ever. And everybody in the house loves it. Which is rare. I'm feeling very sated now.

* Also, while I'm feeling linky, I got these for Mother's day. They are so cute. I need to put up a kitchen shelf to show them off.

* I'm a few hundred words away from hitting the minimum word count for my [ profile] numb3rs_novella, which got me excited last night, until I realized that I'm only about half way through what I've outlined (yeah, I'm actually writing this one with an outline). Note to self, word count =/= end of story. Anyway, writing romance is hard. I just hope I'm not failing spectacularly at it. I worry. For some reason, I really, really, really want this story to be perfect.

* I have two other fest fics that I'd like to finish, or mostly finish, this weekend. Which means a lot of writing. One is for the White Collar exchange and the other is for [ profile] teddy_fest. I've been completely sucked into both of those.

* Writing for the [ profile] luciusbigbang with [ profile] ellensmithee is so much fun, OMG. I know it won't be posted until a million years from now, but I can't wait for you guys to read it.

* Spoilery casting news for Sons of Anarchy S4 ) September, come faster, OMG.

* How much do I love Deputy Tim Gutterson? Sometimes I just feel like that needs to be said.

* Last night's Community. Spoilers behind the cut ) I still have to catch up on Parks and Rec and The Office.

* So, what are your weekend plans, flist? Anything exciting?


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