May. 11th, 2011

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* Finished "The Red Garden". Oh, you guys. It was so good. So, so, so good. She has this way of pulling the reader through time that just sings to me. And I'm grateful that this story didn't wreck me emotionally the way Skylight Confessions did.

* Does anyone else find that when you read something that really touches you, your own writing style is influenced? I tend to be a dialogue writer at my best, I think, but every time I read Hoffman, I find myself getting carried away with the narrative of the story.

* So I've got these two fest/exchange fics I'm working on, and I signed up because I figured they'd both be relatively short and give me a nice little break in light of the big bangs I've been working on. Um, yeah. They're both shaping up to be around 10k, I think. I have no idea where this is coming from. Not that I'm complaining, I just feel super productive lately when it comes to writing. (Which is good, because I don't feel very productive at all in regard to anything else.)

* In a slightly related note, [ profile] ellensmithee usually beta reads or looks over my stuff, but honestly, I've got so much in the works right now that I feel like I'm monopolizing too much of her time asking her to read all of it. SO, is there anyone on my flist who would be able to take a look at one or two pieces I'm working on in the next week or so? I don't really need a full beta, just someone to catch glaring errors and maybe give me some feedback on mood. Plus, a second/third set of eyes never hurts. Right now I've got HP, N3, and WC stuff in the works.

* I may have eaten my body weight in beets yesterday. I've been craving them like nobody's business. Mmm... beets. I blame the health food co-op. I had Lebanese beet salad there a few weeks ago and can't seem to eat enough beets ever since.

* How are you on this lovely Tuesday morning, flist?


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