May. 16th, 2011

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* Reading: "Revenge of the Radioactive Lady" by Elizabeth Stuckey-French. Pretty fun so far. And it's a fairly fast read.

* Handwork: Starting a knitting project today. I hope. I suppose that depends on whether or not the toddler is going to let me do it.

* Writing: Last night I got a good bit done on my White Collar fic, my [ profile] numb3rs_novella, and my [ profile] teddy_fest fic. One of those is turning out to be a bit after school special-ish. But I'm feeling all sorts of productive nonetheless. Also? My [ profile] crowley_bigbang, which is a crossover I haven't talked about too much, has decided to go all Draco/Hermione on me

* Watching: Finally started catching up on Hawaii Five-O. So far, everything you guys have told me about it has proven true. I'm putting my disbelief on hold due to the incredible amount of chemistry going on with the cast. Definitely not hard on the eyes. Also watching a TON of Doctor Who with the kids. They want to catch up on all of Eleven's episodes, and we've been watching a bit of Four on Netflix as well. (Brought on by a "Back in my day..." moment.)

* Cooking: I dunno yet. It might be a pizza night.

* Listening: Because I'm all thematic today, some music to share:

Dar Williams and Ani DiFranco covering Comfortably Numb:

* Hope you're all having a much sunnier Monday than we are here. Third straight day of rain. Blergh.


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