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* Spent today at the mall holiday shopping. If you know me, you know that I would rather be tortured with hot coals and lighter fluid than go shopping. Especially at a mall. OMG. Still twitching. I don't even like grocery shopping, man.

* But I have Guinness. So all is right with my world again. Oh, Guinness.

* Some holiday gifts were exchanged with relatives today and second-to-the-top hellmonkey got a Harry Potter Lego set with a little Death Eater Lucius. Comments were made that Lucius had very long flowing hair and delicate features. I said, "Well, Lucius is kind of known for the pretty." Boyfriend looked at the hellmonkeys and said, "Your mother used to be one of the best writers I know. Now she says things like 'the pretty'." Clearly, fandom is to blame.

* Speaking of the pretty, most evenings this week will probably be spent watching The Vampire Diaries marathon with eldest hellmonkey. Mindless and very pretty. I am so okay with that.

* Still writing, though my pace has slowed down considerably. I've gotten all those frantic, first picture to jump into my mind bits out of my head and have moved on to the parts that I have to mull over and gestate and chew on and mull over some more.

* I've been reading the holiday fests as I can and I'll have some recs this week, I think. Very exciting for me. I haven't rec'd things in ages.

* Music Meme

I am skipping day 12 - a song from a band you hate, because I couldn't come up with anything. I guess I don't spend enough time listening to bands I hate.

Day 13 - a song that is a guilty pleasure - Grace Kelly, by Mika


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