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Jun. 25th, 2011 09:53 am
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My [ profile] wcpairings giftfic was posted today and it is brilliant. Beyond brilliant. I haven't had enough coffee yet to sufficiently describe its brilliance. I swear that I always get the best gifts! When I wrote the prompts, this one was the one I really, really, really wanted, but I didn't think anyone would pick it. But my mystery author did!!!!

Anyway, here's the link, because if you've watched White Collar at all, ever, you will LOVE this.

Life Imitates Art, Mozzie, Gen, Futurefic, no spoilers of any sort.

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Oh my goodness, you guys, I am just totally overcome with fandom love again. Like back when everything was fresh and new and shiny and I couldn't get enough of fandom. And I've been reading fanfic like there's no tomorrow. To be finally reading fic again is the most spectacular thing.

So, onto the recs:

HP fandom

I know this one has been rec'd everywhere, but I'd be remiss if I didn't rec it here too:

The Wrong Man by [ profile] snegurochka_lee. Pairing: Hermione/Draco, Hermione/Ron. (Warnings for infidelity) Rating: NC-17. I can't even tell you how hot this fic is. Oh, god, it's wonderful. So if you somehow haven't read it yet, go now and read. You won't be sorry.

From [ profile] hpvalensmut:

A Share of the Love Magic by [ profile] katmarajade. Pairings: Lee/Harry, George/Stan, George/Lee, Harry/Ron, mentions of Charlie/OFC. There is not nearly enough Lee Jordan fic in fandom and this one is just delightful. And hot. And we all know how I'm a sucker for hot!Lee. <3

How To Pull Birds (Instructions by Charlie Weasley, Bird-Puller Extraordinaire—No really, just ask him!) by [ profile] luvscharlie. Pairing: Bill/Charlie. Warning: Incest (obviously). The thing I really, really loved about this fic is how it keeps the brotherly dialogue while still being HOT. The pace is just excellent, too.

Fall by [ profile] a_shadow_there. Pairing: Ginny/Fleur. This is one of those stories that hits such a lovely mood and poetic angst using very few words. I'm always amazed to find something like this, when the story is so big within just the sparsest text.

There were other wonderful things too! And some that I haven't even caught up on reading yet, so if you have the time, seriously check out the reveals list!

From [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest, which has just started posting, but is already full of gems! You guys, I am seriously adoring this fest. (Even though I fear that the fic I turned in just wilts in comparison to everything else it has to offer.) I could seriously, seriously just disappear into next gen fic and not surface again for months.

Hold the Phone by anonymous. Pairing: Albus Severus/Scorpius. This fic has such a brilliant premise: Muggle studies students are given mobile phones with the instruction to practice texting over the summer holidays. And they do, and it's sweet and hot and funny in all the right places.

Middle Man by anonymous. Pairing: Teddy/Albus. I love all things Teddy, but I was totally drawn in by the character chemistry in this one. There is a great relationship between Albus and James as well.

ART: Teaching Scorpius by anonymous. Pairing: Pansy/Scorpius. The style is just lovely to look at and clean and simple, but it's so hot at the same time.

Other Fandom Recs:

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries. Pairing: Damon/Alaric. Title: The Frenemies Series by [ profile] ellerkay. This series is fantastic. Her characterizations are dead on and there's just all sorts of hot wonderfulness going on. It's pretty much the only pairing I really ship in this fandom and this is exactly how I think it should be done.

Fandom: Supernatural. Pairing: Sam/Gabriel, eventual Dean/Castiel. Title: For Love is Strong as Death by [ profile] sakuri69. This is a WIP, but it's so absolutely gorgeous that I wanted to rec it while I was compiling recs right now. Here is the summary as given for the story: Four months after the apocalypse that wasn’t, Sam, Castiel and Gabriel are brought back to life at the same time and place, leaving Sam to deal with two suddenly human angels and the fact that he can never see his brother again... The interaction of these characters, with Cas and Gabriel struggling to find their way as humans and Sam as their reluctant guide, is just incredible. I find myself not wanting each scene to end. The relationship between Sam and Gabriel is slow building and just exactly right, and there are some brilliantly funny moments between characters. It's one of those stories that is written so well that it totally melds into my head canon and I have to remind myself that these conversations didn't actually happen on the show.

Fandom: White Collar. Pairing: Neal/Peter. Rating: G Title: Some things you just don't want to know by [ profile] china_shop. You guys have listened to me bitch about White Collar a LOT this season, but if the canon had gone something like this, I don't think my enthusiasm for the show would have wavered at all. The opening scene with Hughes is something that was totally missing from this season, and the author finishes it out with such lovely angst.

All right, I'll stop there for now. As I type this, there are new things popping up at the Next Gen fest!


Dec. 14th, 2010 11:55 pm
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A couple fic recs here.

From [ profile] hp_yule_balls:

From This Day Forward, Harry/Charlie, ~13,400 words, NC-17. Oh, the characterizations in this are just spot on brilliant. Harry is raising Teddy and Charlie is wonderful and amazing and sexy. With a lovely, wise Hermione as well. And the smut is very hot. I smiled all the way through, laughed out loud at some parts, and just adored it.

Broken, Snape/Filch, ~1300 words, R. Please, please don't let the pairing put you off. I tend to eat up rare pairings like this and I'm so glad, because otherwise I'd miss these little gems. Again, the characterization is just lovely, and we see Severus through Filch's eyes, and I can really see this fitting seamlessly into canon.


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