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* You guys. I've apparently lost the ability to write a fic under 10k. I can't even tell you. There are just so many words. Words.

* Went to Target today and came home with a pint of Volun-Tiramisu. OMG. Healthy eating habits be damned. Tomorrow is the farmers market and I shall by healthy green things, and prepare them, and eat them. Tonight, I have Ben & Jerry's and Saranac Black Forest for dinner.

* [ profile] ravyndamaurot, I got a lovely card from you in the mail! Thank you, my wife! <3333

* I ordered some absolutely ADORABLE fanart from etsy, and already have it framed and up on my dresser while I decide where to hang it. The boyfriend has pointed out that I have not put any recent pictures of hellmonkeys into frames, but the Crowley/Bobby postcard art? I was all over it.

* I'm having visual disturbances tonight. I really really hope that doesn't mean a migraine is in the works for tomorrow. Anyway, I can hardly see out of my right eye right now. That's what I get for being all "internet forever!" tonight. I suppose that means tomorrow is clean all the things day, as long as I'm not curled up in bed.

* One and a half beers and I love EVERYBODY tonight. OMG. I'm just pleasantly happy with the whole wide world.

* I should probably go to bed now, but I'm just dying to finish this fest fic I'm working on. There are just so many words.


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