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* Finally going to see The Movie today. Eeeeeeeeee!

* Also, Golden Years by David Bowie was playing on two different radio stations this morning. I think it's a sign that I need to put A Knight's Tale in later.

* I'm starting over from scratch on my fic for [ profile] celebrate_sshg. I just don't have the time to force this story to comply by December 5. I was looking through the prompts and I'm thinking that I might actually write a short little sequel to one of my really old SS/HG stories. At this point it's a toss up between What Doesn't Kill Us and Lonely Christmas Indeed. I've had ideas for both of those bouncing around my skull for, oh, almost 7 years now. Thoughts, flist?

* I had poptarts and Captain Crunch for breakfast. I am apparently 12.

* The Walking Dead. Oh, yes. Love, love, love.

* I need to get winter hats and gloves out of the attic. It's getting chilly. How is November almost over already?

* I probably enjoy iCarly more than someone my age should. I know this. That still doesn't help my crush on Spencer or my amusement that Carly's best friend is a sociopath.

* That is all for now. I'm sure I'll have thoughts on DH part 1 when we get back this afternoon. In fact, I expect to be very thoughty about it.

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* My Numb3rs obsession has me thinking about the last time I was into a crime show, which was at least 15 years ago. I find myself wanting to re-watch Homicide now. I loved that show. The boyfriend only owns the first couple of seasons though. (Would it be totally self-serving to get him more for xmas? Okay, so yes it would, but would it be wrong?)

* Yesterday the two eldest hellmonkeys got on a train bound for grandma and grandpa. They'll be gone for a week. I'm looking at the two little ones and thinking, "Once upon a time I had it this easy every day and I was overwhelmed. How?" It's funny how adaptable we can be. On the downside, I am missing my unpaid labor hellmonkeys, and remembering that I now have to do things like cleaning the bathroom sink and taking out the trash myself.

* I'm feeling a little defeated with that SS/HG fic I'm working on. I switched it over to present tense this morning. I really wish I still had the capacity to tell a story in past tense, but it seems to be eluding me at the moment. Still loving the story, though. And it's working better now, so I shouldn't complain.

* I would really like to churn out some more fanfic before nano starts on Monday. I'm working on a couple of short Numb3rs things, and of course the SS/HG, but that will take some time. I dunno. What should I write, flist? Help!

* I am in the midst of cleaning the kitchen whilst newbaby v4.0 crumbles up an empty ice cream cone in front of the pantry door. It's a good thing my trusty broom from the Renaissance Festival is handy. This broom. Oh, this broom. I have serious broom lust (I know, I know), and this hand-made, short-handled broom is my baby. Oh, my word, I love this broom. I should post broom pr0n at some point. Next summer I want a full-sized version.

* Tomorrow night I go trick-or-treating with a zombaby and either a vampire or a fairy princess, depending on how the mood strikes her. Luckily at this point we are equipped with about 75 costume changes at the last minute. My hellmonkeys inherited their lack of decision-making skills from their mother

* Speaking of zombies (and zombabies), over the summer I read "Brains" by Robin Becker and it was fantastic. It's a fun, gross, brilliant one-sitting read and I can't recommend it enough. Wickedly funny too.

* Okay, it's time to haul the trash down from the second floor. I should probably change out of my pajamas first. Oh, Saturday.


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