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* We have reached our destination (for now) safely and with very little drama. That's not always a given when traveling with so many hellmonkeys.

* I have decided to bring "The Dead Path" with me on our trip and try my luck at remembering to renew it online when it's time. I'm enjoying it a lot and I want to finish it in one go (I'm still not done with "Blind Sight" which I keep taking out of the library intermittently).

* I would like very much to have the time and concentration to write my [community profile] femgenficathon fic this weekend. We'll see if that happens. Everyone here goes to bed fairly early, so it's a possibility.

* Also, I have a lot of fic reading to catch up on since Teddy fest and the Next Gen darkfest are posting again. Yay!

* My parents don't keep garlic in the house. I don't understand these people at all.

* How is YOUR weekend going, flist?

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* It's absurdly stressful to live in a house that your landlord is selling. I get all the joy of keeping the apartment in viewing shape, and none of the satisfaction if they get an offer (at this point I'm blissfully pretending that anyone who buys the house will happily keep us as tenants).

* I've been putting together combinations of HP Lego people that make me laugh, a lot. I may or may not have them acting out scenes from the [ profile] luciusbigbang that I'm writing with [ profile] ellensmithee.

* Weather is cooler today, and sunny.

* I've decided that I need to drop out of the [ profile] het_bigbang. Part of it is that I don't think this will be the same fic if I write it by myself, and part of it is that the deadline just feels looming, and I have more than 24k to write to meet the word count. So, [ profile] ellensmithee and I are still writing the Ian/Nikki (Numb3rs) multi-chaptered story, but we can't make promises to when we'll be done.

* Fanfic meme:

7 – Have you ever had a fic change your opinion of a character?

Oh, yes, yes, yes.

Way back when I was first getting into fandom, Chaos Rose's Algolagnia was probably the first fic that dramatically changed the way I saw characters. I never saw the dynamic between Lucius and Severus the same again. That story also changed the way that I've written fanon!Lucius since then (I don't necessarily consider the Lucius I write to be all that canon). Since then, I've come around on a lot of characters--characters I never would have realized I loved--through their portrayal in fic. It's what sold me on the HP next gen kids.

[ profile] norgbelulah's Carol Johnson (Justified) really made me take notice of a character that I hadn't given much attention to in the series.

And I know as soon as I hit "post", I'm going to think of, like, a dozen more examples. Anyway, my point is YES. I think that the right writer can definitely change my view on the characters, for good or for bad.

* So, how are YOU on this lovely Sunday, flist?

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* My thoughts are with Norway this morning. My heart goes out to the survivors and the rest of the country.

* Good luck to all the couples lining up at midnight to get their marriage licenses in NY. My city, in particular, is being awesome about accommodating people. Marriage might not be my gig personally, but anyone who wants to make it work should have the right to do it.

* Still have swollen glands up the right side of my throat and head, but other than that annoyance, I'm feeling much better. It's cooler today, and the farmer's market is going to be lovely.

* I think I had maybe forgotten how kind and awesome SS/HG readers are when it comes to reading WIPs. What sweet, thoughtful people. <3 to you guys.

* Fanfic meme for today:

6 – When you write, do you prefer writing male or female characters?

I was going to give this my pad answer of "I prefer writing characters who interest me", but on second thought, I don't know how true that is. I think by and large I write more male characters, but they tend to be very specific characters, with qualities that I relate to (there's also a group of characters I like with qualities that I don't have, but that I admire, but I think that's a whole different discussion). So I think that the qualities that draw me in to a character and make me want to write that character are more often given to male characters in fiction/television/movies (which totally sucks in its own right). There are exceptions to this--Justified, for instance. Give me ANY female character in Justified and I could absolutely obsess over writing her.

Also, there's a whole category of female characters I find really interesting whom I haven't written for one reason or another. Madeline and Fiona from Burn Notice, for example. I think I love every female character in Sons of Anarchy, but I don't know enough about either guns or bikes to write in that fandom. I've totally neglected the female characters in Numb3rs fandom even though I love them all, mainly because the David/Colby dynamic just speaks louder in my head. (Have I never mentioned how badly I wanted to write Millie/Alan?)

I don't know. I carry a lot of guilt over how much easier it seems to be for me to write male characters.

The rest of the questions )

* And it's been a while since I've extolled the virtues of Johnny Flynn. No words for how I feel about this man and his incredible talent. Just none. Here, friends, have some music this morning:

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* Hey there, LJ. Why so dead on Tuesdays? It's like the internets don't realize that I'm bored with work today and need entertainment.

* Sometimes I feel like the only person in the world with no interest in tumblr. Or google +. I had a fleeting interest in Twitter, but that's pretty much evaporated now. *clings to LJ like the old lady I am*

* Speaking of aging, my birthday is next week. I have informed the hellmonkeys that they only have seven shopping days left. I'm not so sure the laughter I got in response is promising.

* Got our tickets to see DH pt 2 on Saturday. It's kind of going to kill me to have to wait out Friday, but my brother wants to go with us and has Saturday off. So. Remind me to pack tissues.

* I know you were all waiting with bated breath for the resolution to my art-on-the-walls dilemma, and I've finally come up with something. The blank wall in the living room is getting a cluster of fox themed artwork, and a few framed quotes (Vonnegut's "Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt" is the first one I've ordered). I decided that too much wolf art was too... reminiscent of Three Wolf Moon, which, while AWESOME for a t-shirt, isn't really the vibe I'm going for in home decorating. The kitchen is getting some mid-century modern posters and photograph prints. The hallway is getting a lovely framed Buddha print. Now I just need to worry about the blank wall in the dining room. At the moment I'm thinking vinyl wall decal, maybe a branch of blossoms and birds, but I'm not married to that idea.

* Writing a bit. Getting my SS/HG groove back on. Working on my [ profile] pphpficexchange (Harry/Pansy exchange) and totally excited about it. Also, writing some smutty smut.

* Here, have a quick, lovely Hawaii Five-O rec: Known by [ profile] sheafrotherdon. Steve/Danny. ~750 words. R rated. Spoilers through the end of S1. This fic is so beautiful and dreamy and perfect. OMG. It makes my heart happy.

* Okay, time to get cleaned up and find a place with air conditioning to kill a few hours.

* <3 flist.

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* OMG. You guys. Tomorrow is July 1. June, where did you go? Eep.

* So I brought Alice's Tea Cup (the book, no the actual place) home from the library yesterday and I'm pretty sure I can live off of nothing but scones and cake for the rest of my life. The first recipe I'm going to try is Lavender Earl Grey scones. Mmmm, scones.

* Speaking of baking, when it started to get a little stale, I managed to save the very delicious Spiced Lemon cake I made earlier in the week by soaking it in egg/coconut milk custard and then baking it into bread pudding. OMG, so good.

* Also? Fresh figs. OMG, yum. <3 summer. There's a reason I've never managed to make a recipe that calls for figs. I eat them all before I have the chance.

* I've been rearranging and I shifted the dining room around so now it's an entirely different wall that needs art. But I like it better this way. Anyway, I'm scouring etsy trying to figure out exactly what I want.

* Took a few days off from writing to regroup and reorganize my thoughts. In the last week, I finished off three fics for different fests, and I felt like I needed some time to clear them out of my head space. I'm feeling pretty good about all of it now. Hopefully in the next few days I'll finish the ending of my [ profile] crowley_bigbang and be able to start on my [ profile] femgenficathon story. I also want to fill a few prompts at the Summer in Harlan commentfic meme and there's more than one catching my eye at the Let's Get Gay Married commentfic meme too.

* SO, what are you guys up to?

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* Ugh, why do I do this like EVERY time now? I start writing something, get on a roll with it, and then I get near the end and decide it's an utter pile of shit and not worth finishing. I'm totally held up on all these other things I want to write because I need to finish this fic first, and I just can't.

* Other than that, not much going on except day three of headacheyness. Stupid weather with its changing and being all weatherly out there.

* Still anxiously waiting for the GOP to finally bring the marriage equality legislation to the floor in the NYS Senate. Argh, sooooo frustrating.

* RIP Peter Falk. <3 His character in The Princess Bride taught me everything I needed to know about passive aggressively convincing a child to give a book a chance, long before I had kids.

* Okay, I'm off to buy cheese. We're out of cheese, which tends to make people 'round these parts a little testy.

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* I've apparently become one of those people who is addicted to signing up for fests/exchanges/ficathons. I had to make a spreadsheet. These are the recent fics I've finished for deadlines: [ profile] wcpairings, [ profile] numb3rs_novella, [ profile] nextgendarkfest. Here are the ones I have almost finished: [ profile] teddy_fest and [ profile] crowley_bigbang. Here are the ones I've only just started or have yet to start: [ profile] pphpficexchange, [ profile] femgenficathon, [ profile] horrorbigbang, and [ profile] samhain_smut. And then there are the two big bangs I'm cowriting with [ profile] ellensmithee: [ profile] luciusbigbang and [ profile] het_bigbang.

* That doesn't include other smaller commitments or my two Snape/Hermione WIPs. I seriously haven't written like this in years. Not since Newbaby v3.0 was a wee thing. I don't know exactly what to make of it.

* Sooooo tired tonight, but it's a worthwhile tired. Walked down to the rally for marriage equality today at the state capitol building. If this vote doesn't come to the senate floor tomorrow before they break for summer, I'll be crushed. My state has to pass marriage equality. It just has to. /rare political spiel

* Samuel L. Jackson reading "Go the Fuck to Sleep" will NEVER not make me smile.

* New Burn Notice on Thursday. Yay! That is so my summer show.

* I seriously need someone to kick my ass and force me to make time for yoga. Because I seem to be great at coming up with a thousand other things I should be doing instead.

* How are you, flist? I'm feeling very disconnected from everyone tonight.

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* Good Monday morning, flist!

* [ profile] ellensmithee and I had a slight change of plans for our [ profile] het_bigbang. We've tentatively decided to switch to Numb3rs instead (OMG, how long have I been trying to talk her into writing that? Ha! Victory is mine!), and the story idea of the moment is Ian/Nikki. (Did you see that, [ profile] mustangcandi???)

* Netflix and LJ were both being uncooperative last night. It's like the internet did not want me to be entertained. So we watched most of Any Given Sunday on tv instead. I've never seen it before, and didn't realize it would be so Oliver Stone-ish. I mean, I guess I should have, but I was kind of surprised anyway.

* I've decided I'm too much of a cranky old lady to use tumblr. I don't understand what is going on there at all. You kids get offa my lawn!

* I have to make grown-up phone calls today. Uck, I hate the phone so so so much. Also, I'm so far behind on work, OMG. And homeschool paperwork. Real life, leave me alone.

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* You guys. I've apparently lost the ability to write a fic under 10k. I can't even tell you. There are just so many words. Words.

* Went to Target today and came home with a pint of Volun-Tiramisu. OMG. Healthy eating habits be damned. Tomorrow is the farmers market and I shall by healthy green things, and prepare them, and eat them. Tonight, I have Ben & Jerry's and Saranac Black Forest for dinner.

* [ profile] ravyndamaurot, I got a lovely card from you in the mail! Thank you, my wife! <3333

* I ordered some absolutely ADORABLE fanart from etsy, and already have it framed and up on my dresser while I decide where to hang it. The boyfriend has pointed out that I have not put any recent pictures of hellmonkeys into frames, but the Crowley/Bobby postcard art? I was all over it.

* I'm having visual disturbances tonight. I really really hope that doesn't mean a migraine is in the works for tomorrow. Anyway, I can hardly see out of my right eye right now. That's what I get for being all "internet forever!" tonight. I suppose that means tomorrow is clean all the things day, as long as I'm not curled up in bed.

* One and a half beers and I love EVERYBODY tonight. OMG. I'm just pleasantly happy with the whole wide world.

* I should probably go to bed now, but I'm just dying to finish this fest fic I'm working on. There are just so many words.

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* It feels like we just got here and tomorrow morning we're leaving again.

* I finally had enough of the Lifetime Movie Network here and I'm forcing my parents to watch Numb3rs and Justified. Because, dammit, yeah. Also, I finally got them hooked up with Netflix. I'm expecting many phone calls when I get home asking which remote to use and which buttons to press.

* Eldest is reading "Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret?" This leaves me feeling a little weepy and oddly shocked that I'm old enough for her to be that old.

* Second eldest just started "The Hobbit". My heart is filled with such joy. I can't even.

* One week until the release of Alpocalpyse. I've been a Weird Al fan ever since I can remember, and the hellmonkeys are probably even more excited for the new album than I am. So, there's that. Yay!

* Hey, is anyone on my flist interested in beta reading a fairly lengthy cross-dressing focused fic? HP fandom, slash, for an anonymous fest, and it should be finished by early next week. Let me know if that sounds like your kind of thing.

* And how ARE you, flist? I feel like I haven't asked that question in ages. <3

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* I am discovering that I cannot function without reliable access to the internet, and I don't really like that.

* The other side of that is that I cannot function without being able to write, so I need to fix this asap.

* Anyway, I owe emails and I missed phone calls I'd promised to make and all sorts of things, and I apologize profusely. Right now I'm stealing a few moments on the "family" computer to post this. I'm hoping tonight to get a cheap keyboard to plug into the laptop until I can afford the time to get a new keypad installed all together. Luckily, my hard drive is just fine. The tea pretty much only shorted out the keyboard. And I finally got it to stop random typing so I could log back on.

* On the upside, I finally backed up all my pictures and documents from my hard drive. I hadn't done that since October.

* Also, first world problems much, Rilla? Geez.

* So, what have I been missing, flist? Fill me in. <3

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Today was just gorgeous. Fresh air and sunshine and happy things all around. I have things to share!

* Dinner. OMG, yum. Spent most of the day walking around the biggest park in the city, and may have stopped off to get a ridiculously sugary coffee drink that kind of made me feel gross afterward. So, I came home and made a brown rice and veggie stir fry for dinner with a really really yummy beet slaw. Recipe behind the cut.


* I'm not generally very big on fashion blogs, but I found Tomboy Style the other day and OH, I'm in love.

* For funny. Amy Sedaris (<3) on how to cook hotdogs over the fire on a rake )

* GOOD NEWS! Boy Meets World Season 5 is finally available on dvd. I have been waiting ages and ages for this. And Season 6 is due out in July. Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeny!

* My current song obsession is I Will Never Love You More by Soko, and this little film that goes with it makes me all sorts of happy:

* How are you all, flist? What are you doing this weekend?
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* I've come to the conclusion that I need to take a break before I see the last few eps of Hawaii Five-O, because I can't get my head in the game for this [ profile] nextgendarkfest fic while I'm watching Steve and Danny being all hot and in love (because they SO ARE) in the Hawaiian sunshine. But I have an ending to the fic. I just have to figure out how to get from where the characters are now, to where they will be then.

* My coffee grinder stopped working this morning. Woe.

* I had a very weird dream last night. Mitchell (of Being Human UK) and Harvey Keitel were best friends. And they were on some sort of suicide mission. But they were very huggy about the whole thing.

* I think I need to start a regular yoga practice again. I'm just feeling... lethargic.

* Farmer's market opens on Saturday!!!!! OMG, yay! Apparently there will be llamas. LLAMAS.

* Today I'm making garlic kale, beet salad, and writing. *nods* Also, there are Very Important phone calls to be made.

* [ profile] norgbelulah, I owe you an email that I will send after I shower.

* How are YOU all, flist?

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* So I stayed up to watch Matt Bomer on Jimmy Fallon last night, even though I almost never do that. Do people really watch these shows every night? I finally had to turn the sound down until Matt came on because it just... wasn't funny. I found it grating. And I don't dislike Jimmy Fallon. But ANYWAY, the point of all that is About the White Collar clip )

* The migraine that started with visual disturbances yesterday morning has finally kicked in this morning. I am trying to kill it with caffeine, which could very well mean there will be several posts from me by this afternoon. ;-)

* Started reading Blind Sight by Meg Howrey. LOVE IT so far. The family interactions remind me very much of Alice Hoffman and the point of view is fresh and interesting. It's a new book at the library, though, so I only get it for 7 days. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it in that time.

* I started this ages ago and now it's almost noon and I haven't even posted yet. Slow!me today.

* Today's writing goal is to finish my White Collar exchange fic and reward myself by polishing up that SS/HG ficlet I've been toying with. [ profile] thistle_verse, are you still up to check that one over for me?

* Speaking of writing, I'm feeling much better about it today. Thank you for supporting my wibbling yesterday, flist.

* What's making you happy today, flist? Tell me!

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Hello, flist.

* Oh, Nutella, I love you so much. I want to marry you like PeeWee Herman married fruit salad.

* I've not been doing very well with the healthy eating thing lately. (See above comment.) This weather, 7 straight days of overcast skies and impending rain, is not conducive to motivation, and it makes it hard to plan a walk down to the health food co-op. It's 1.5 miles each way, so we need a clearly rain-free couple of hours to make the trip. (I could do it faster myself, but alas, I have four sets of smaller feet to bring along.) I need more green things. I think I'll make something spinach-themed tonight. At least I have that on hand.

* I'm also having one of those days where I've decided that everything I've written, am writing, and will write in the future is absolute and utter crap and I should just delete, delete, delete. (ETA: I'm not actually going to delete anything, and I hope that it didn't look like I was begging people to tell me I'm wonderful so I didn't start deleting things. It was just one of those days when everything I typed looked like shit to me. It's better now, though. I swear.)

* I put together a soundtrack for my [ profile] numb3rs_novella and wow, that was kind of hard to do. I have sort of a tempestuous relationship with country music, but I had to add at least some country, because, hello, Colby, right? But I'm happy with what I came up with in the end. I'm listening to it repeatedly to inspire myself for rewrites.

* I'm transplanting some thyme into a little pot in my kitchen today, and some lavender to a pot on the balcony. Wish me luck, because I have an utter black thumb when it comes to growing things, or even just keeping things alive. Thank god I'm better with children.

* Music that seems to be fitting with today's mood:

* How are YOU, flist?

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* How is it not Friday yet? I just don't know.

* I think we had about 30 seconds of sun this morning. You guys know the Bradbury story "All Summer in a Day"? Yeah, that's what it's like here lately. Ooh, ooh, and just as I typed that, the sun peeked out again. And went away just as quickly.

* Now that Numb3rs is streaming on Netflix, I'm feeling a lot less productive. Also, I've been weirdly discovering that several RL friends were huge fans of Numb3rs when it was on. I had no idea.

* We're renewing our lease, so I need ideas for wall art, guys. (I waited out the year without it just in case.) I wanted to go with fairy tale stuff, specifically red riding hood, but then the movie came out and it got all popular and I have this thing where I kind of run screaming from trendy stuff like that, so I'm thinking something else maybe. I've been looking on etsy a lot. Suggestions, ideas? I have a huge, blank white wall up above my couch that is the first thing you see when you walk into the apartment. I need a theme.

* While I'm on the topic of my creativity rut, I've sucked at making dinner interesting lately. Flist, do you have any ideas (vegetarian ideas are ALWAYS welcome) for meals that are creative and summery? (Haha. I almost typed "summary".)

* Kristen Wiig is doing the voice of Lola Bunny in the new Looney Tunes. Heh.

* Pirates tomorrow! OMG, I want so badly to find time to see it this weekend. Captain Barbossa, I have missed you so. And also Jack, of course. (Even with the lack of Norrington, I still can't wait.)

* Oooh, I see blue sky out the southern windows. Time to log off and go chase it.

* <3, Flist.

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* So I was poking my nose around the internets last night reading reactions to the season finale of Hawaii Five-O. I thought it was a fun show, but being new to the show/fandom, I was curious to see the general reaction. And I noticed something that I wanted to comment on.

Spoilery behind the cut )

So, to sum up, I enjoyed it, and I think I'll make time for this show when it comes back in the fall.

* White Collar comes back in a couple of weeks. I have decided that I'm going to enjoy it for what it is this season, and just handwave the rest. We'll see how that works out. ;-)

* I'm nervous about this little knitting project I've started. It's probably the most complex thing I've tried to do, and it's not for me. I foresee a lot of ripping out stitches in my future.

* Hellmonkeys are building a TARDIS. Apparently we suffer from a lack of blue legos and that needs to be rectified immediately.

* Speaking of hellmonkeys, eldest is sitting here making notes for her novel. She makes me feel like a total hack. (Also, she scored out of the park on her standardized reading test at the end of the year. /proud)

* I don't know if I've mentioned it, but [ profile] ellensmithee and I signed up for the [ profile] het_bigbang. We'll be writing Supernatural fandom, Kali/Gabriel. Just to prove we are not completely one trick ponies, I guess.

* What should I make for dinner tonight, flist?

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* Since yesterday I've been immersed in Alice Hoffman's "The Red Garden" after waiting weeks for it to become available at the library. And so far it hasn't disappointed. There's something about her writing that just gets me every time. Which is strange, because it's almost completely narrative and not the dialogue-heavy kind of writing that usually draws me in. She moves through time so quickly and gracefully, and it makes me wish I could tell stories like that. Her female characters have a despair about them that's similar to Fitzgerald, I think, even though the stories are worlds apart.

* Speaking of reading, there are two books I've been meaning to rec to my flist forever because I love them so much, and maybe I did rec them before, but I can't remember, so here they are maybe again with very brief reviews, otherwise I'll never get this posted:

St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves by Karen Russell

Short stories that take place in an amazing, ethereal, magical bayou setting. It's the kind of dreamy prose that just absorbs.

Lightboxes by Shane Jones

Lovely, quick read. A fairytale that turns ouchy and dark in the middle and feels like a beautiful, long walk.

* Almost forgot the cable guy is coming this afternoon and let the hellmonkeys create a disaster in the living room while I worked. Oops. He's hopefully going to solve the problem we've been having with Versus. Since the Redwings are still alive in the playoffs it's become important to the boyfriend that this problem is solved asap. Also, it would be nice if I could get a signal on the phone when I'm in the kitchen.

* Disappointment is going to buy specific knitting needles and discovering that the only knitting needles they don't have are THOSE sizes.

* Had a Bettie's cupcake yesterday as a treat. OMG, their cream cheese frosting is heaven. It's almost consolation for not having Sugar Mountain nearby anymore.

* Hoping to get some writing time in today but at the moment, my prospects for getting that done are pretty slim. I need coffee, and I am out of coffee, and I can't walk down to get more coffee until after the cable guy comes. Then maybe my brain will function at a normal rate.

* Also, RED came today from Netflix. Yes, I'm like the last person anywhere to see it. Very excited anyway, though.

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* This is going to be one of those annoying facebook-status-like nothing posts.

* It just occurred to me that I have not been to a bar in this century. Not that I spent much time at bars in the last century, either, but it struck me as funny.

* Oh, so tired. I need to get more sleep.

* I don't want to work today.

* Speaking of today, the sun doesn't seem existent. It's so dark and overcast. I have overdue library movies, but I don't really want to walk down to return them in this. Icky.

* Sometimes it's just easier to eat the cereal off the floor than it is to find wherever it is that the toddler hid the bowl he dumped it out of. It's a good thing I sweep often.

* OK, enough with the procrastinating. Going to get stuff done now. And daydream about napping. Mmm, napping.

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* Reading Bossypants by Tina Fey. Oh my god, I'm just dying. I am so totally in love with her. And laughing so hard that I'm crying.

* Making baked pasta for dinner. Yum. And I have beer. Saranac black forest. Yum yum.

* Our copy of Deathly Hallows pt 1 arrived today. Finally. So many things I love so hard about this movie.

* The Office last night made me teary-eyed. Love the episodes written by Mindy Kaling to begin with, and this one delivered. Also, Parks and Rec. April and her dead birds. <3

* For Love is Strong as Death was completed yesterday. So if you blew off my multiple recs because it was a WIP, go, now, and read. The characterization is just outstanding. Supernatural. Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel. 50k. You'll never want it to end. Seriously. (I love this story to a ridiculous degree.)

* I stayed up late last night writing and I'm not feeling it today, which is lovely. I hate paying the price for taking advantage of those creative bursts.

* Today I scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen. It's amazing how productive I feel when I manage to get those two things done.

* Weekend, weekend, weekend. Huzzah! We're going to watch The Life of Brian and zombie movies this weekend. And hopefully I'll finish my [ profile] numb3rs_novella.

* Still on book 4 of the Stackhouse books. Enjoying it very much, I've been writing more than I'm reading just now, so it's been a bit slow going.

* Oh, I got new clothes! Grown up clothes! I can has adult linen things! To quote the boyfriend, "Oh, you are fancy." Seriously, guys, I owned like two pairs of jeans and one of them had a tear perilously close to the ass. And a whole bunch of t-shirts, most of which are inappropriate and have been packed away now that the children can read. ("Spooning leads to forking" is my favorite.)

* Any big plans this weekend, flist?


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