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* We have reached our destination (for now) safely and with very little drama. That's not always a given when traveling with so many hellmonkeys.

* I have decided to bring "The Dead Path" with me on our trip and try my luck at remembering to renew it online when it's time. I'm enjoying it a lot and I want to finish it in one go (I'm still not done with "Blind Sight" which I keep taking out of the library intermittently).

* I would like very much to have the time and concentration to write my [community profile] femgenficathon fic this weekend. We'll see if that happens. Everyone here goes to bed fairly early, so it's a possibility.

* Also, I have a lot of fic reading to catch up on since Teddy fest and the Next Gen darkfest are posting again. Yay!

* My parents don't keep garlic in the house. I don't understand these people at all.

* How is YOUR weekend going, flist?

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* Good Saturday morning, flist!

* Reading: "The Odyssey" with eldest hellmonkey. Still reading "Blind Sight" (yay for library renewals!). And I just started "The Russian Dreambook of Color and Flight" by Gina Ochsner, which is fascinating and lovely so far.

* Also still reading Sookie book 4. Guys, talk me into finishing this one. I like the stories and the characters. I don't know why my interest stalled out on it. Here's my dirty little reading secret: I'm not a big fan of mysteries. I just don't get the appeal. I like characterization, and plot, but most of the time I don't really care about the "who dunnit".

* This weekend is dedicated to writing my [ profile] nextgendarkfest fic. Hopefully I can get the whole thing out of the way. I know what I want to write, I just have to put it down.

* Finished rewrites on my [ profile] numb3rs_novella. I *think* I'm done with the story. There are a couple of conversations I'm considering adding, but really, I'm pretty sure I'm done. DONE.

* I sketched out the rest of The Librarian's Debt in my head, so if I get this dark fic done, Monday I'll start on the next chapter. I forgot how fun it is to post SS/HG WIPs. People get all excited. It's fun. <333

* Also, I have a Raylan/Boyd that I'm working on. That I'm ridiculously nervous about. Seriously, I've been sitting on it since the season ended and it's only like a couple of hundred words so far. What's my problem? I don't know.

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* So I stayed up to watch Matt Bomer on Jimmy Fallon last night, even though I almost never do that. Do people really watch these shows every night? I finally had to turn the sound down until Matt came on because it just... wasn't funny. I found it grating. And I don't dislike Jimmy Fallon. But ANYWAY, the point of all that is About the White Collar clip )

* The migraine that started with visual disturbances yesterday morning has finally kicked in this morning. I am trying to kill it with caffeine, which could very well mean there will be several posts from me by this afternoon. ;-)

* Started reading Blind Sight by Meg Howrey. LOVE IT so far. The family interactions remind me very much of Alice Hoffman and the point of view is fresh and interesting. It's a new book at the library, though, so I only get it for 7 days. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it in that time.

* I started this ages ago and now it's almost noon and I haven't even posted yet. Slow!me today.

* Today's writing goal is to finish my White Collar exchange fic and reward myself by polishing up that SS/HG ficlet I've been toying with. [ profile] thistle_verse, are you still up to check that one over for me?

* Speaking of writing, I'm feeling much better about it today. Thank you for supporting my wibbling yesterday, flist.

* What's making you happy today, flist? Tell me!

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Things from my day:

* Still dark and cloudy, but it stopped raining, so I walked to the library and then to the corner store and finally got out of the house. The relief is tremendous.

* Watched 500 Days of Summer last night. It was cute and I always enjoy Zooey Deschanel and JGL, but the narration didn't work for me--especially not with the heteronormative overtones in the beginning--and the apartment sets seemed terribly over decorated, like they were snapshots from the Apartment Therapy blog.

* My city's library system is awesome because I picked up season 1 of Treme there today. I knew it was going to be good, but oh, wow, it's really good. The kind of thing that makes all other television look somehow less. <3 Melissa Leo.

* Writing. I want to finish both my [ profile] numb3rs_novella and my WC exchange fic this week. I have all these long fics that are unfinished and I think I really just need to buckle down and start knocking them out.

* Somewhat related note: I'm working on a moody little SS/HG piece that should be done either tonight or tomorrow. ([ profile] chillit, I never got that prompt to work for me, unfortunately, but hopefully this will make up for it?)

* Alice in Wonderland is like a parade of actors I love all the way through, starting with Marton Csokas in the very first scene. <3

* Knitting project is progressing, I think. So far so good. I think I'll be acquiring a sewing table soon which will be excellent because then I can get back to doing projects.

* I've been reccing Ron/Draco at the [ profile] crack_broom this month. When I'm finished, I'll post a list of all the links here. I've found a couple of little gems that I'd never read before and it's been a lot of fun. Reccing a great excuse to sit down and read fic, when I'd otherwise be able to convince myself I didn't have time.

* Speaking of, does anyone have any Hawaii Five-O recs for me? Steve/Danny or gen or anything, really. What do you guys like?

* How was your Wednesday, flist?

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* Finished "The Red Garden". Oh, you guys. It was so good. So, so, so good. She has this way of pulling the reader through time that just sings to me. And I'm grateful that this story didn't wreck me emotionally the way Skylight Confessions did.

* Does anyone else find that when you read something that really touches you, your own writing style is influenced? I tend to be a dialogue writer at my best, I think, but every time I read Hoffman, I find myself getting carried away with the narrative of the story.

* So I've got these two fest/exchange fics I'm working on, and I signed up because I figured they'd both be relatively short and give me a nice little break in light of the big bangs I've been working on. Um, yeah. They're both shaping up to be around 10k, I think. I have no idea where this is coming from. Not that I'm complaining, I just feel super productive lately when it comes to writing. (Which is good, because I don't feel very productive at all in regard to anything else.)

* In a slightly related note, [ profile] ellensmithee usually beta reads or looks over my stuff, but honestly, I've got so much in the works right now that I feel like I'm monopolizing too much of her time asking her to read all of it. SO, is there anyone on my flist who would be able to take a look at one or two pieces I'm working on in the next week or so? I don't really need a full beta, just someone to catch glaring errors and maybe give me some feedback on mood. Plus, a second/third set of eyes never hurts. Right now I've got HP, N3, and WC stuff in the works.

* I may have eaten my body weight in beets yesterday. I've been craving them like nobody's business. Mmm... beets. I blame the health food co-op. I had Lebanese beet salad there a few weeks ago and can't seem to eat enough beets ever since.

* How are you on this lovely Tuesday morning, flist?

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* Since yesterday I've been immersed in Alice Hoffman's "The Red Garden" after waiting weeks for it to become available at the library. And so far it hasn't disappointed. There's something about her writing that just gets me every time. Which is strange, because it's almost completely narrative and not the dialogue-heavy kind of writing that usually draws me in. She moves through time so quickly and gracefully, and it makes me wish I could tell stories like that. Her female characters have a despair about them that's similar to Fitzgerald, I think, even though the stories are worlds apart.

* Speaking of reading, there are two books I've been meaning to rec to my flist forever because I love them so much, and maybe I did rec them before, but I can't remember, so here they are maybe again with very brief reviews, otherwise I'll never get this posted:

St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves by Karen Russell

Short stories that take place in an amazing, ethereal, magical bayou setting. It's the kind of dreamy prose that just absorbs.

Lightboxes by Shane Jones

Lovely, quick read. A fairytale that turns ouchy and dark in the middle and feels like a beautiful, long walk.

* Almost forgot the cable guy is coming this afternoon and let the hellmonkeys create a disaster in the living room while I worked. Oops. He's hopefully going to solve the problem we've been having with Versus. Since the Redwings are still alive in the playoffs it's become important to the boyfriend that this problem is solved asap. Also, it would be nice if I could get a signal on the phone when I'm in the kitchen.

* Disappointment is going to buy specific knitting needles and discovering that the only knitting needles they don't have are THOSE sizes.

* Had a Bettie's cupcake yesterday as a treat. OMG, their cream cheese frosting is heaven. It's almost consolation for not having Sugar Mountain nearby anymore.

* Hoping to get some writing time in today but at the moment, my prospects for getting that done are pretty slim. I need coffee, and I am out of coffee, and I can't walk down to get more coffee until after the cable guy comes. Then maybe my brain will function at a normal rate.

* Also, RED came today from Netflix. Yes, I'm like the last person anywhere to see it. Very excited anyway, though.

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* Writing away. I'm shelving the [ profile] crowley_bigbang for a couple of weeks (I'm almost done, but I'd kind of like to ride this season out before filling out the ending) since there are a few smaller fics due for exchanges in the next month or so. One is White Collar, and there are a couple HP as well. Still working on my [ profile] numb3rs_novella, and I'm pretty happy with the stride I've hit. It's a totally different kind of story than what I'm used to writing.

* I'm reccing Ron/Draco at the [ profile] crack_broom this month! OMG, yay! It's giving me a great excuse to dive back into reading some HP fic that I would have otherwise passed by recently.

* Speaking of reading, I'm compiling a list of things I want to read on [ profile] spn_cinema, but I haven't had time to sit down and dig into any of them yet.

* Okay, so, I think enough time has passed since Wednesday night that I can finally put together coherent thoughts on television.

* MY SHOOOOOOWWWW! Justified, long, with spoilers for the season finale )

To sum up, I think I'm totally ready to start writing some of this fic out of my head. That's what this summer will be for. Otherwise, I'll go nuts waiting for next season.

* The Vampire Diaries. I am so done with this shit. Seriously. Ick. Not totally spoilery, but. ) To make it worse, I caught up with what I've been missing on Community and I'm wondering WTF I was thinking this year. Needless to say, next week, I'll be watching part 2 of A Fist Full of Paintballs. Part 1 was so brilliant.

* Parks and Recreation spoilers )

* Looking forward to Supernatural tonight.

* Was going to take a long walk today, but I've got several sick hellmonkeys, so I think we're stuck indoors. Suck. Hopefully they'll be well enough to trek it to the Tulip festival for Mother's Day.

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* Reading Bossypants by Tina Fey. Oh my god, I'm just dying. I am so totally in love with her. And laughing so hard that I'm crying.

* Making baked pasta for dinner. Yum. And I have beer. Saranac black forest. Yum yum.

* Our copy of Deathly Hallows pt 1 arrived today. Finally. So many things I love so hard about this movie.

* The Office last night made me teary-eyed. Love the episodes written by Mindy Kaling to begin with, and this one delivered. Also, Parks and Rec. April and her dead birds. <3

* For Love is Strong as Death was completed yesterday. So if you blew off my multiple recs because it was a WIP, go, now, and read. The characterization is just outstanding. Supernatural. Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel. 50k. You'll never want it to end. Seriously. (I love this story to a ridiculous degree.)

* I stayed up late last night writing and I'm not feeling it today, which is lovely. I hate paying the price for taking advantage of those creative bursts.

* Today I scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen. It's amazing how productive I feel when I manage to get those two things done.

* Weekend, weekend, weekend. Huzzah! We're going to watch The Life of Brian and zombie movies this weekend. And hopefully I'll finish my [ profile] numb3rs_novella.

* Still on book 4 of the Stackhouse books. Enjoying it very much, I've been writing more than I'm reading just now, so it's been a bit slow going.

* Oh, I got new clothes! Grown up clothes! I can has adult linen things! To quote the boyfriend, "Oh, you are fancy." Seriously, guys, I owned like two pairs of jeans and one of them had a tear perilously close to the ass. And a whole bunch of t-shirts, most of which are inappropriate and have been packed away now that the children can read. ("Spooning leads to forking" is my favorite.)

* Any big plans this weekend, flist?

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* [ profile] ellensmithee and I started plotting out our Lucius big bang. OH my goodness I'm so excited. Maybe I just needed to get my head wrapped around some new material.

* I did drop out of one fest. Had an awful brainspace meltdown over the weekend and I realized I just couldn't do it all. So I lightened my load a bit and that helped.

* Nearly done with my Crowley big bang. I'm at a point now where I can take it slowly, which is good. I've been working a lot more on original lately and pretty much everything is coming out at a snail's pace.

* I've got a bit of a Justified fic roaming around inside my head at the moment. Something really brief, just a stream of consciousness. But it's like I can't stop hearing Mags' voice.

* New Vampire Diaries tonight.

Vampire Diaries spoilery thoughts 2.17 )

* The littlest hellmonkey is watching Scooby Doo and the Goblin King. This would be so much more enjoyable if it were David Bowie's Goblin King. *sigh*

* A little over half way through the third Sookie Stackhouse book. Alcide. Oh my. Seriously, you guys know that I'm way more of a werewolf girl than a vampire girl. I'm terribly partial to Sam, but Alcide is just... guh. So far I'm enjoying this book MUCH more than the first two.

*Spring cleaned today. Got the living room and dining room in splendid order. Got rid of a TON of clutter. Breathe, breathe, breathe.

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You guys, you guys, you guys.

* I'm having one of those days where I'm restlessly bored even though I have a TON of things to do and I'm not getting any of them done.

* Writing, writing, writing. My [ profile] crowley_bigbang is heading into the final stretch. At least I hope it is. It's an HP crossover and, um, guys? I think that angle of it might have some Draco/Hermione going on. I know. I'm just as surprised as you are.

* I started my [ profile] numb3rs_novella and I'm very excited about that. I've been rewatching some episodes to get a feel for Colby and David banter again and oh, boys. I miss you boys. Really, truly I do. (The story itself is het. So again, wow, writing things I didn't expect.)

* Also co-writing something with [ profile] ellensmithee that I'm totally excited about. I hope it's going to be as fun to read as it is to write.

* I need to work on my [ profile] spn_cinema fic, but I'm thinking that I will block out a weekend just for that and write it start to finish. I don't expect it to be that long. And the film I picked is Garage Days, which, like, no one has seen, so it's not like I'm writing for a big audience or anything.

* Also? I may have started a White Collar fic.

* So yes, writing like crazy lately. Which is good. And reading. Started the second Sookie Stackhouse book, and Elmore Leonard's "Djibouti".

* And listening to the Decemberists' latest.

How are YOU, flist?
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Oh my goodness, you guys, I am just totally overcome with fandom love again. Like back when everything was fresh and new and shiny and I couldn't get enough of fandom. And I've been reading fanfic like there's no tomorrow. To be finally reading fic again is the most spectacular thing.

So, onto the recs:

HP fandom

I know this one has been rec'd everywhere, but I'd be remiss if I didn't rec it here too:

The Wrong Man by [ profile] snegurochka_lee. Pairing: Hermione/Draco, Hermione/Ron. (Warnings for infidelity) Rating: NC-17. I can't even tell you how hot this fic is. Oh, god, it's wonderful. So if you somehow haven't read it yet, go now and read. You won't be sorry.

From [ profile] hpvalensmut:

A Share of the Love Magic by [ profile] katmarajade. Pairings: Lee/Harry, George/Stan, George/Lee, Harry/Ron, mentions of Charlie/OFC. There is not nearly enough Lee Jordan fic in fandom and this one is just delightful. And hot. And we all know how I'm a sucker for hot!Lee. <3

How To Pull Birds (Instructions by Charlie Weasley, Bird-Puller Extraordinaire—No really, just ask him!) by [ profile] luvscharlie. Pairing: Bill/Charlie. Warning: Incest (obviously). The thing I really, really loved about this fic is how it keeps the brotherly dialogue while still being HOT. The pace is just excellent, too.

Fall by [ profile] a_shadow_there. Pairing: Ginny/Fleur. This is one of those stories that hits such a lovely mood and poetic angst using very few words. I'm always amazed to find something like this, when the story is so big within just the sparsest text.

There were other wonderful things too! And some that I haven't even caught up on reading yet, so if you have the time, seriously check out the reveals list!

From [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest, which has just started posting, but is already full of gems! You guys, I am seriously adoring this fest. (Even though I fear that the fic I turned in just wilts in comparison to everything else it has to offer.) I could seriously, seriously just disappear into next gen fic and not surface again for months.

Hold the Phone by anonymous. Pairing: Albus Severus/Scorpius. This fic has such a brilliant premise: Muggle studies students are given mobile phones with the instruction to practice texting over the summer holidays. And they do, and it's sweet and hot and funny in all the right places.

Middle Man by anonymous. Pairing: Teddy/Albus. I love all things Teddy, but I was totally drawn in by the character chemistry in this one. There is a great relationship between Albus and James as well.

ART: Teaching Scorpius by anonymous. Pairing: Pansy/Scorpius. The style is just lovely to look at and clean and simple, but it's so hot at the same time.

Other Fandom Recs:

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries. Pairing: Damon/Alaric. Title: The Frenemies Series by [ profile] ellerkay. This series is fantastic. Her characterizations are dead on and there's just all sorts of hot wonderfulness going on. It's pretty much the only pairing I really ship in this fandom and this is exactly how I think it should be done.

Fandom: Supernatural. Pairing: Sam/Gabriel, eventual Dean/Castiel. Title: For Love is Strong as Death by [ profile] sakuri69. This is a WIP, but it's so absolutely gorgeous that I wanted to rec it while I was compiling recs right now. Here is the summary as given for the story: Four months after the apocalypse that wasn’t, Sam, Castiel and Gabriel are brought back to life at the same time and place, leaving Sam to deal with two suddenly human angels and the fact that he can never see his brother again... The interaction of these characters, with Cas and Gabriel struggling to find their way as humans and Sam as their reluctant guide, is just incredible. I find myself not wanting each scene to end. The relationship between Sam and Gabriel is slow building and just exactly right, and there are some brilliantly funny moments between characters. It's one of those stories that is written so well that it totally melds into my head canon and I have to remind myself that these conversations didn't actually happen on the show.

Fandom: White Collar. Pairing: Neal/Peter. Rating: G Title: Some things you just don't want to know by [ profile] china_shop. You guys have listened to me bitch about White Collar a LOT this season, but if the canon had gone something like this, I don't think my enthusiasm for the show would have wavered at all. The opening scene with Hughes is something that was totally missing from this season, and the author finishes it out with such lovely angst.

All right, I'll stop there for now. As I type this, there are new things popping up at the Next Gen fest!

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Things I love right now:

♥ Psych. OMG, so much. So, so, so much. It was one of those shows I was always meaning to watch but never caught, so I'm catching up slowly (I saw the last few eps of this past season) from the beginning. Relatedly, I love Netflix streaming video.

♥ Green foods. Oh my goodness. Remember Larry's obsession with white food on Numb3rs? Yeah. I've been like that with leafy green things. I've been eating kale by the ginormous bagful. With garlic and salt and olive oil. OMG, yum.

♥ Writing fic. OMG, so in love with fic writing right now. I'm 2000 words into my [ profile] crowley_bigbang. It's an HP crossover and I'm super super excited about it. I have to rewatch Garage Days before I can start on my [ profile] spn_cinema fic, which will be a total hardship because it's not like that's one of my favorite movies of all time or something. /sarcasm. And I also have to watch a few choice episodes of Numb3rs before starting my [ profile] numb3rs_novella fic.

♥ Justified. Just utterly and completely head over heels in love with this show, and every character on it.

♥ Being Human. Both the US and UK versions. I love all the similarities, and the differences, and both casts are so wonderful. I love it that each version has different strengths, and they totally play to those strengths.

OK, book meme that's going around:

The book I am currently reading: I never read one book at a time. Still working my way through Crazy Sexy Diet. Also reading: Clean Food by Terry Walters, Djibouti by Elmore Leonard, Red Riding Hood (the novelization of the film) and Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. Also reading Pippi Longstocking aloud to the little girl.

The book I am currently writing: It's about werewolves. And a girl. And her brothers.

The book I love to read the most: The Great Gatsby. Not even a contest. (I'm actually wearing an F. Scott Fitzgerald shirt right now.)

The last book I received as a Gift: Red Riding Hood

The last book I gave as a gift: The Vladimir Tod books 1-4 boxed set (by Heather Brewer), given to eldest hellmonkey for her birthday. ETA: I take that back! It was actually When I Grow Up by Al Yankovic, given to youngest hellmonkey for his birthday last month.

The nearest book to me: I'm right next to a bookshelf with about 150 books on it. So to pick one at not-so-random, we'll say The Hot Kid by Elmore Leonard.

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* All caught up on Justified. I had missed more episodes than I thought, so I'm glad I rewatched the season from start to finish. Very, very excited for s2. Oh, Raylan Givens. *swoon* After my deep disappointment with White Collar almost put me off television all together, I'm totally back into it. This show just hits so many of my personal buttons in all the right ways. And it doesn't do any of the things that usually put me off law enforcement-type shows.

* Also? Netflix is really, seriously the best thing ever when I don't want to get out of bed. *clings to laptop*

* So, I finished the first Sookie Stackhouse book.
Thoughts behind the cut )

* I've cut most of the meat out of my diet again and I'm feeling really good about it. I suppose I should stop baking cookies every day if I really want to be healthier. But chocolate chips are so delicious on snowy days. I guess I could go back to the carob chip vegan flaxseed cookies I used to make. Bought fresh strawberries the other day (organic, even) for roughly the price of a black market kidney. But oh, god, they were good in the middle of winter.

* Ostensibly finishing my [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest fic. I love it so much. I just hope I can get it all tied together in time. I don't write in anything resembling a linear fashion, which makes it hard to finish things with deadlines.

* All right, happy Sunday, flist. I'm going back to putting cookies in the oven and staring at the lovely Timothy Olyphant for a while.

Some Stuff

Jan. 26th, 2011 09:38 am
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* I'm enjoying the varied opinions that cropped up on my last post about the Sookie Stackhouse books/True Blood the show. Almost done with book 1. I'll post my complete opinions when I'm finished.

* FINALLY finished Sunshine, by Robin McKinley. Oh, goodness, I loved this book, even though it probably could have been heavily edited for wordiness. How is there no tv series in this universe? There is so much there to explore!

* Since we're on the topic of vampires, new Vampire Diaries tomorrow night. Yay! Eldest hellmonkey and I have been looking forward to that very much. Oh, Ian Somerhalder, I've missed you. <3

* I think I may have spoken too soon re: White Collar. After last night, I'm not sure I can stomach another episode. The writers have so much to work with and... just ugh. They're killing it. And not in the good way. *sigh* /non-spoiler

* Wow, I've been watching a lot of tv lately. More than I have in years. I'm feeling the need to pare down a bit. Although, the other night boyfriend and I stayed up late for a TJ Hooker marathon and OMG was that fun. I'd forgotten how satisfying it is to hear Shatner deliver lines like, "You're. Going. To JAIL, gun dealer!" Also? Possibly the best opening credits sequence of all time.

* As soon as I tick off one of my current reads (Bourdain's Medium Raw, Crazy Sexy Diet, and Sookie book 1), I'm going to start on the novelization of Red Riding Hood. I'm not going to get to see it in the theatre, so I'd like to at least read the book while I'm waiting for the DVD.

* Still looking for red riding hood art for the walls. Every time I log onto Etsy I get overwhelmed by how much fabulous stuff is out there and can't make up my mind. I'd also like to find some good Baba Yaga art while I'm at it.

* Black Swan is another one I'm going to have to wait for. I'm so enjoying reading the various opinions of it on my flist, though.

* Started reading the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod books with eldest hellmonkey. Very fun and funny books so far. Hellmonkeys were huge fans of the Wimpy Kids books, and these hit that same irreverent tone.

* Not writing original at the moment, but it's all ruminating in my head, and I get the feeling I'll be putting it down in type soon.

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* Really, there is. It is absurdly cold.

* Feeling rather detached from fandom lately. Maybe it's this head cold that's filled my brainspace with cotton for the past few days.

* New White Collar tomorrow night. I'm starting to fear that this show is at risk for thinking it's more clever than it is. The cast is fantastic, with great chemistry, but I'm not sure the writing holds up to the show's opinion of itself. I have many more thoughts about it, but I know this is a wildly unpopular opinion, so I'll keep them to myself unless asked. I'm certainly not going to stop watching (Matt Bomer is far too pretty for that), but I think I'll adjust my expectations a bit. I need to stop expecting Sports Night or Bayliss/Pembleton banter on shows like this.

* On the other hand, we're very much enjoying Being Human US. I hadn't planned on watching, but checked it out in a moment of curiosity and I love it a lot so far.

* I'm listening to the new Iron & Wine album right now and literally have goosebumps. (Not from the cold, either.)

* Reading "Crazy Sexy Diet" in preparation to clean up my act a bit and start eating vegetarian again. I'm willing to bet that 99% of my health problems are diet related (hello hypoglycemia, migraines, etc). It's full of solid advice, but I find all of the life-coach-esque bullshit to be really grating. Then again, I guess that if I'd single-handedly wrestled cancer under control, I'd probably be pretty peppy about it too.

* Also decided to buckle down and commit to reading the rest of Dead Until Dark instead of just letting it lay to waste on the end table. I haven't decided what I think of Harris overall, but I enjoy her humor. I do wish I didn't hear tv!Bill in my head saying "Suckeh!" every time he addresses Sookie, though. Also, I keep drifting off a bit every time Sam or Eric is mentioned due to the hotness of their tv counterparts.

* I've been writing almost exclusively for exchange fics lately, and I'm feeling ready to tackle something else. I just have to decide what that will be. Hmmmm.

* All right, I should tie this up here. I have tea and a stack of books competing with a nice warm bed for my attention. Off to see who will win. <3 flist.

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I am still here! Really, I am.

* My [ profile] wizard_love fic has been keeping me busy because omg, the deadline is coming up. I had thought that as long as I had the idea so neatly laid out in my head, it wouldn't take me long at all to write it. Ahahahaha. Because I have so much free writing time, right? *sigh* It's shaping up, I just have to carve more time out of the day.

* Part of the problem is that the holidays around here are immediately followed by FOUR family birthdays within two weeks, and that totally knocked me off my groove. I need to find it again.

* I've decided that I really need to make the time to read more this year. It's not like I have a lack of unread books around here. So I'm starting a "reading" tag here with the intention of using it often.

* Speaking of, I finally started Anthony Bourdain's Medium Raw. Words cannot express how much I adore that man. His voice is so clear (as it always is in my head) and I love hearing him uncensored (or at least less censored than on tv). My only problem with it is that I'm naturally a very fast reader, and when I can hear the author's voice like that, it slows me down almost to the point of frustration. Also, this book is making it very difficult for me to transition back to vegetarianism.

* So I'm seriously considering becoming a vegetarian again. My diet has been awful for the past couple of years and I need to fix that. I'm generally much healthier when I'm not eating meat. On the other hand, I live with five other people who all eat meat and have no intentions to change that, so it's going to take a lot of planning ahead. And if we know one thing about me, it's that I am not a planner.

* Okay, I have said absolutely nothing of substance except to note that I am still alive. So this is where I stop babbling.

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* OMG, sooooo tired today. In desperate need of a nap. Unfortunately, I'm lacking the time to nap right now.

* Had a very... graphic dream about Eddie Izzard the other night. I blame [ profile] zagzagael. Last night I dreamt about living on the bayou and it took an incredibly strange turn shortly before I woke up.

* Been writing. On the next chapter of TLotS and on my [ profile] percy_ficathon fic and on a few original things. I might not churn out prose as quickly as I used to, but I'm much happier with the final results.

* Been reading as well. I have a stack of books from the library a mile high waiting for me and another stack from [ profile] thistle_verse's personal stash, but right now I've cracked open both "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen (on [ profile] butter_cup_'s most excellent recommendation), and "Love in the Time of Cholera" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, which I've never read.

* With the hellmonkeys, I've been reading "Inkheart" aloud and loving it to death. Paul Bettany is perfectly cast in the upcoming film, IMO. We're still reading "Mariel of Redwall" little by little (it's a bit dense, and we're having fun tackling it slowly), and we've also started "The Birchbark House" by Louise Eldrich and "The Magician's Nephew" aloud recently. It's not our first attempt to read a Narnia book, but we're hoping it ends up being more successful than HP was around here. (I'm the only fan in the house.) Eldest hellmonkey is starting in on "Pippi Longstocking" on her own. She's listened to it on tape a couple of times and we saw a stage adaptation in January. We've also started reading Death Note graphic novels together.

* The Boyfriend got out of a warm bed to go get me Taco Bell at 1 am this morning. It made me giddy enough that I thought it needed to be mentioned.

* The house is relatively clean.

* Tomorrow I go to see [ profile] thistle_verse and I cannot wait!


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