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Okay, I got caught up reading all this wank surrounding the legitimacy of some spoilers going around (my GAWD this stuff is entertaining!) and didn't get this up earlier. Anyway, another rare public post here.

I mentioned this earlier, but it bears repeating. This soundtrack has been a regular part of my writing routine for over 3 years now. It's going to be strange to listen to all these songs without purpose now. So I wanted to write down my thoughts on the songs that I used to write this story, where I thought they fit in, and what they really meant to me in relation to the characters.

Mercy of the Fallen Soundtrack Notes - Contains spoilers for the story )

So, those are my notes on the soundtrack, and all I'm going to say on the story. I hope the people who were waiting for me to finish in order to start reading aren't disappointed by some of the cringeworthy points early on in the story. I hope that it ends up to be worth the time you've invested in reading it. And now I'm looking forward to the bittersweetness of moving on.


Jul. 16th, 2007 08:12 pm
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It's up! Wooo! I can finally put this sucker to rest. And a rare public post to boot!

Title: Mercy of the Fallen: Epilogue
Rating: NC-17 (though the epilogue is probably more of an R)
Pairings: SS/HG, HG/CW
Summary: Ten years later...
Links: At [ profile] fallenprose: Mercy of the Fallen Epilogue
And at Ashwinder

Okay, so. I have angsted for months over whether to include various warnings, comments, explanations, etc, with the epilogue, but I decided in the end that I think (hope?) that the story speaks for itself, and any interpretation a reader makes is entirely valid.

However, I created a soundtrack for Mercy back when I first started writing it, more than three years ago. In that time, I've added songs to it, listened obsessively, and played it nearly every time I sat down and opened the word doc. So later tonight, I'll post my commentary on the soundtrack in case anyone finds it interesting, and that will be as close to commenting on the story as I get.

And now it's on to that Snape/Bill for [ profile] scatteredlogic!


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