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* Updated The Librarian's Debt this morning. This story is so very much fun to write. I'm glad people seem to be enjoying it!

* Just got home from a second viewing of DH, which I loved even more the second time around. Plus, there was blessed air conditioning (seeing as the heat index is 115 degrees at the moment, that was the important part). Also, I came home to realize that I might have strep throat (!!!). Initially I thought it was a combination of heat and allergies. Anyway, no one wants to hear about that! So have my thoughts on the movie, take two:

Things I loved the first time that I loved even more the second time:

- Helena as Hermione!Bellatrix. Her facial expressions were just perfect. Loved her so much.

- McGonagall and all her BAMF moments. This time I actually started crying as soon as she lit up the Great Hall. I've always loved Minerva as a character, and the movie just gave her such moments.

- Ditto Neville. So, "I'm mad for Luna" is what he says? Because on first viewing, it sounded like "hot" and I thought that couldn't possibly be right (as true as it is because OMG, it's at least movie canon now! <33333)

- MOLLY. Oh, Molly. Her grief over Fred and then her charge at Bellatrix.

- The Malfoys. "How can you live with yourself, Lucius?" "I don't know." Gah. Narcissa was just amazingpants. I love that her discussion with Harry about the plan to get inside the castle was ONLY between them and not in front of the audience. Draco, both in the room of requirement (clinging to Harry!) and at the end, when he wibbled over leaving the other students. Narcissa walking away so proudly with her son's hand and Lucius running after them will always be one of my favorite moments. (And am I the only one who walked away from the movie entertaining Harry/Narcissa thoughts?)

- Hermione/Ron. Their kiss was just so PERFECT. "That's my girlfriend!" The look on Hermione's face after that line was fabulous.

- Little Jack White!Snape. OMG, I want to take him home and cuddle him and love him forever.

- Snape's death and the pensieve memories. Absolutely brilliant.

- The epilogue. I loved it. Especially grown Draco. I only wish it had been longer/slower. Also, this time I noticed the Ron-Hugo dynamic a little more and just fell in love with it. Aside from Hugo looking just like he could actually be Ron's son, Hugo and Ron were so sad that Rose was leaving! Oh, there is fic brewing there, I think.

Things I did not, after the first viewing, appreciate as they deserved to be appreciated:

- Aberforth. I liked him on first viewing, LOVED him after the second. My dream scene that does not exist in the books or the movies is Aberforth and Albus having a discussion about, oh, ANYTHING really.

- Fred and George looking at each other right before the battle. "Are you all right, Fred?" AND THEY WERE BOTH SO SCARED. Oh, lump in my throat.

- Arthur Weasley fighting the Death Eaters.

- Fiendfyre. That was pretty damn scary.

- Voldemort's awkward-ass Draco hug. Because, as [ profile] wendynat pointed out, it was another perfect example of Voldemort's complete human!fail. Plus, I can't wait for all the gifs.

Things I missed even though I understand why they were cut

- Percy's entire story arc. Percy coming back to the Weasley family is one of my favorite parts of the books, and I totally get that it was something that had to be cut from the films, but I'll always be a little sad about that. Still, loved him standing there beside Ginny and Arthur when Hagrid brought Harry's body back.

- The fight in the Great Hall between Voldemort and McGonagall, Flitwick and Slughorn. I wanted to see Horace get that moment vs. Tom Riddle.

Additions that I loved


- Snape cradling Lily's body. OMG. *sob* (Although I wanted so badly for someone to pick up little crying Harry.)

- The boat house. I totally get the complaints about it, and how the Shrieking Shack was an integral part of the book plot, but it really hasn't been as much of a character in the movies as it was in the books. The boat house was creepy and moody and on Hogwarts grounds. I thought it worked. (And of course, after they left, Snape crawled into a boat and floated away. So there's that. ;-) )

I'm sure I'm leaving dozens of things out, but as I'm getting sicker by the minute and it's a zillionty degrees here (have I mentioned we live on the second floor without A/C?), I'm going to leave off here for now.

* Be well, flist!

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