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* Thank you for the birthday wishes, flist! ♥ Had a lovely nearly-my-birthday weekend with DH pt 2, Shakespeare in the park, and gourmet cupcakes. Also got to see [ profile] thistle_verse and her wonderful family the other day. Had so much fun together. We miss them terribly.

* Making plans to see DH pt 2 in the theatre again soon. Gah, it's difficult to plan these things around 4 hellmonkeys when you have virtually no childcare.

* Speaking of hellmonkeys, they and the boyfriend got together and made me an adorable little Lego Weasley garden with Molly and Arthur and Fred and George for my birthday. ♥ I shall fill it with Weasleys and love. ♥

* My bare wall saga! I am framing art and getting it up on the walls. I will post pictures soon.

* It's hot and sticky. This is not news. But you guys. Summer is half over. How did that happen already?

* Writing. I have two SS/HG docs open at the moment. Huzzah!

* Tonight I'm finally going to watch Crazy Heart, which I bought myself for my birthday.

* Fanfic meme, Day 2:

2 – Name the fandoms you've written in, and how much you've written in that fandom, and if you still write in it.

Harry Potter - My first fandom love and where I'm always going to end up, no matter what. How much have I written? I honestly cannot say. I pulled down those first terrible stories years ago. I have 23 stories at Ashwinder, and a smattering at the other Sycophant Hex archives. And maybe a couple dozen here and there on LJ? I've written a lot for HP exchanges in the last five or so years. Last year was the first year I really kept track of what I wrote, and this year I'm being a bit more meticulous. But for my first seven years in fandom, I really can't say how much I've written. Probably a lot. If you include drabbles, the number might be in the hundreds.

Boy Meets World - If this show had a big, active fandom, I would be writing tons and tons for it. As it is, I've written 2 BMW stories. One is at AO3 and the other is only on LJ somewhere. I would definitely like to write more. Eric/Jack is my ship. <3

Supernatural - I've written one Sam/Dean and my Crowley big bang HP crossover (which is rapidly approaching the posting date!!!). I love this fandom, but I don't feel like I "get" the vibe of the show well enough to really write it. So I mostly just enjoy reading.

Numb3rs - OMG, how much do I love the Numb3rs fandom? I can't even tell you. It's an amazingly supportive and close knit group and I adore them all. [ profile] numb3rs_novella is also starting to post this week and mine will go up tomorrow (also, I'm doing fanart for another story, for the first time ever!). I've written a bunch of Colby/David fics, one Colby/Don, one Colby/Nikki(theme, anyone?), and my zombie apocalypse gen fic (which had some hints of Colby/Ian, Colby/David for I am a one trick pony). Maybe 8 or 9 fics so far?

White Collar - Ahaha! In spite of all my issues with the show, I've written two longish WC fics and they seem to get WAY more hits on AO3 than anything else I have up there. That amuses me to no end. If I ever manage to catch up with this season, I'm sure I'll write more.

Justified - Oh, I would LOVE to write more for this fandom, but everyone in it is so incredibly brilliant, and the source material is so good, and I wibble. I really do. But I adore Justified fandom. I've written 3 fics for that fandom, and have several others started.

Psych - I've written two Psych fics with [ profile] ellensmithee and we have at least one more in the works.

Star Wars - I've written one SW fic. It was Lando Calrissian centric. I adore SW, but a) I could never hold a candle to the writers like [ profile] wendynat and b) I just don't retain the details of that universe the way I'd have to in order to write more.

Other fandoms I've dabbled with: Inkheart, Burn Notice, Billy Madison (no, really), Pirates of the Caribbean and Vampire Diaries. I'm sure I'm leaving something out.

* Have a happy, happy Tuesday, flist!


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