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Just got back from the movie.

I want to see it again and again and again. And read the books again and again and again too.

* RON. I love him. Oh, Ron.

* Helena did a fabulous job as polyjuiced Hermione. She had Emma's facial expressions down.

* Loved Aberforth. He was great.

* I now ship Minerva/EVERYBODY. OMG, Maggie Smith. I could not love her more.

* The Ron/Hermione kiss was absolutely perfect. Just perfect.

* Alan Rickman was incredible from start to finish (and I'm one of those people who's never really seen him as Snape, but OMG, he really pulled through). He gave Snape so much genuine emotion. Snape's death was fantastic. Those last moments with Harry were so well done. They both managed to convey so much in such a short scene.

* Young Snape totally reminded me of a young Jack White.

* Neville. He was amazing. And so grown up. They really did his character justice.

* MOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved that the whole theatre applauded the "Not my daughter, you bitch" line.

* Kingsley got to be awesome.

* Fred's death was not as sad to me as it was in the book (but it was still sad). However, Remus and Tonks made me cry. Also, did Lavender die? In the books she's stirring feebly, but on film she looked pretty well eaten. LOVE that they included that bit with Greyback, regardless.

* The little Neville/Luna touches made my heart all kinds of happy.

* I loved those little shots of everybody. Trelawney, Slughorn, Cho... all of them.

* Jason Isaacs, when are you not beautiful?

* I liked the Malfoys' exit a lot. I thought that Draco's face when Narcissa and Lucius were calling him over was fantastic. He looked torn and that was awesome. (Also? Draco riding Harry's broom? That little Harry/Draco shipping part of my heart that's been around since forever ago just squealed all over the place.)

* Grown Draco and his pocket watch KILLED ME DEAD. <3

* Bonnie Wright is absolutely gorgeous. Loved little Albus Severus. Loved the epilogue in general.

* I'm sure I'll have more thoughts later, when my brain settles in and processes more.

* In the meantime, flist, I'm counting on you guys to keep me from signing up from every HP fest, ficathon, comment fic meme, etc, that I come across. Because right now I want to WRITE ALL THE FIC OMG.


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