May. 24th, 2011

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* So I stayed up to watch Matt Bomer on Jimmy Fallon last night, even though I almost never do that. Do people really watch these shows every night? I finally had to turn the sound down until Matt came on because it just... wasn't funny. I found it grating. And I don't dislike Jimmy Fallon. But ANYWAY, the point of all that is About the White Collar clip )

* The migraine that started with visual disturbances yesterday morning has finally kicked in this morning. I am trying to kill it with caffeine, which could very well mean there will be several posts from me by this afternoon. ;-)

* Started reading Blind Sight by Meg Howrey. LOVE IT so far. The family interactions remind me very much of Alice Hoffman and the point of view is fresh and interesting. It's a new book at the library, though, so I only get it for 7 days. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it in that time.

* I started this ages ago and now it's almost noon and I haven't even posted yet. Slow!me today.

* Today's writing goal is to finish my White Collar exchange fic and reward myself by polishing up that SS/HG ficlet I've been toying with. [ profile] thistle_verse, are you still up to check that one over for me?

* Speaking of writing, I'm feeling much better about it today. Thank you for supporting my wibbling yesterday, flist.

* What's making you happy today, flist? Tell me!

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* Hey, wanna know something all secret about me?

I've never texted anyone. Ever.

Or received a text.

Possibly because I don't own a cell phone.

* White Collar exchange fic is done.

* SS/HG ficlet almost done (and it might actually be a teaser for something longer, but I can't make any promises at the moment, at least not until [ profile] thistle_verse tells me it doesn't read like it was written by a crazy person.)

* This post is brought to you by a glass and a half of wine. (Seriously, I'm such a lightweight guys. I had to correct like forty typos in this post already. I don't think I even had that many words.) OMG, guys, my wine shop. MY WINE SHOP. It is the best place ever. It's been there for ages (since right after Prohibition) and it's full of wine EVERYWHERE with handwritten tags telling all about it. And I can walk there. <3333333 Wine.

* Also? I am deeply, deeply smitten with Amy Pond. One of those things that needs to be said often.


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