May. 17th, 2011

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* So I was poking my nose around the internets last night reading reactions to the season finale of Hawaii Five-O. I thought it was a fun show, but being new to the show/fandom, I was curious to see the general reaction. And I noticed something that I wanted to comment on.

Spoilery behind the cut )

So, to sum up, I enjoyed it, and I think I'll make time for this show when it comes back in the fall.

* White Collar comes back in a couple of weeks. I have decided that I'm going to enjoy it for what it is this season, and just handwave the rest. We'll see how that works out. ;-)

* I'm nervous about this little knitting project I've started. It's probably the most complex thing I've tried to do, and it's not for me. I foresee a lot of ripping out stitches in my future.

* Hellmonkeys are building a TARDIS. Apparently we suffer from a lack of blue legos and that needs to be rectified immediately.

* Speaking of hellmonkeys, eldest is sitting here making notes for her novel. She makes me feel like a total hack. (Also, she scored out of the park on her standardized reading test at the end of the year. /proud)

* I don't know if I've mentioned it, but [ profile] ellensmithee and I signed up for the [ profile] het_bigbang. We'll be writing Supernatural fandom, Kali/Gabriel. Just to prove we are not completely one trick ponies, I guess.

* What should I make for dinner tonight, flist?

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So remember how I mentioned that I don't do things in halves?

I just signed up for this:


I had been thinking about keeping my late summer - fall clear because that's when the HP holiday fest writing time happens and those are some of my favorite things to participate in, but I love horror, and I felt that the deadline gives me enough time that I can make it happen.

Also, I'm apparently writing original for it. So. That was kind of the deal sealer for me.

Anyway, when I get some of these other fics finished off and sent out to their various homes, I might start looking for folks to do some read-throughs for me, if anyone's interested. I'm thinking right now that I'll aim for around 15k (the word minimum is 10k).

<3, flist.


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